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Buddy Awards 2013: Hydroponic Growing’s Big Winners

The Buddy Awards recognize excellence in the hydroponics grow industry. The Buddy Awards recognize excellence in the hydroponics grow industry.


Welcome to the third annual Rosebud Magazine Buddy Awards, where we honor the best in hydroponic growing. From the greatest gear to the hottest hydro stars, the Buddy Awards asked Rosebud Magazine readers to tell us who and what deserves recognition this year.


Reader Awards (voted on by rosebud readers)


Favorite Eco-Friendly Product: Advanced Nutrients Organics™

There are plenty of ways for growers to help protect our planet, and the switch to organic nutrients is happening in grow ops around the world.


Best Type of Ballast: High-Frequency Digital Ballast

Cap-and-coil can take a hike, while newer low-frequency ballasts are gaining popularity quickly. Nevertheless, high-frequency digital ballasts are buzzing away in most of your grow ops.


What growing style works best for you? Recirculating Hydro

Ebb-and-flow, nutrient film technique, deep water culture — call it what you like, recirculating hydro is how Rosebud readers like to grow their favorite crops. Looks like the days of digging in the dirt are becoming a thing of the past.


If you could grow with any type of lighting, what would it be? HID (HPS/MH)

New lighting systems are exciting, but nothing beats the consistent quality of HID lamps when it comes to reliably supplying your crop with the light energy it needs to thrive. Bulbs and ballasts are improving all the time, so we won’t see this classic technique going away any time soon.


What best describes your growing situation? Bigger Yield In The Least Space

We all love giant plants, but growing is for everyone, not just those with massive grow rooms. That’s why getting the best yields out of the smallest space is the goal of most Rosebud readers.


Hottest Rosebud Cover Star: Deonna Marie

Who’s hotter than a sexy celebrity like Cameron Diaz or Brooklyn Decker? How about a woman who actually grows her own? Rosebud readers are certainly Hot 4 Hydro.


Most Important Supplement: Bloom Booster

There’s no lack of ingredients you can give your crop at any stage of growth to improve the final result. But in the end, it’s the buds that matter most, so bloom boosters are what your plants crave.



Biggest Threat To Growers: Smart Meters

What’s worse than nosy neighbors? Prying public utilities looking to invade your privacy.


Coolest Logo: Baddass Products

A logo says a lot about a product. The tough-as-nails logo for Advanced Nutrients’ line of BaddAss Ballasts® and Bulbs stands for pure growing power.


Most Reused Product: Grow Bags and Pots

A savvy grower can recycle everything from grow mediums to water (via transpiration), but two things you won’t see flying off the shelves at the local store are grow bags and pots.


Best Trimming Method: Hand-Trim and Hang

When it comes to trimming, growers go old school.


Most Innovative Product: pH Perfect® Nutrients

Once said to be hydro fiction, pH Perfect® Nutrients are leading the revolution that has growers tossing out their pH pens faster than you can shout “5.8!”


Hydro Editor’s Picks (The cream of the crop according to Rosebud Magazine)


Best Grow Room Controller: Robomatic Nutrient Doser

Gives you the ability to automatically dose your nutrients or change their levels easily and remotely. For the power of the technology, the price is right.


Best Exctractors: Tamisium Extractors

This new extractor gives you the ability to unlock the power of botanicals like never before. Every extraction you develop is completely repeatable and scalable - again and again.


Best Bloom Booster: Bud Ignitor

We all want to harvest a heavier yield. The sooner the better. The simple-to-use Bud Ignitor lives up to its name. And it doesn’t contain any poisonous ingredients like paclo.



Best Drying Rack: Quickcure®

In any growing situation, space and time are serious commodities. Why bother wasting either? Quickcure® gives you more room for more material versus the other guys, yet collapses smaller for easy storage.


Best Flip Ballast: PurGro 1K4 Flip Digital Ballast

More yield from less electricity is guaranteed if you put your growing space to work using the 1K4’s easy-to-use and fully adjustable flip and photoperiod trigger cables on an everyday timer. Great concept, unbeatable value.


Best Bulb: BaddAss Blue Diamond Bulb® 600W HPS

The best retro lamp for vertical side lighting. Use these alongside BaddAss Red Diamond Bulb® 1,000-watt lamps positioned horizontally over the top of large plants.


Best Storage Product: Funk Fighter Odorless Gym Bags

Carrying around a gym bag that gives off offensive odors is embarrassing (to say the least). Now you can still look cool and come off smelling like roses with this innovative carbon-lined odor-killer. 


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