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Drive Now Car Rental Services Gives Growers a New Way to Get Around

Drive Now is good way to drive where you need to go without leaving as many traces of your activity out there. Drive Now is good way to drive where you need to go without leaving as many traces of your activity out there.


Growers value their anonymity. Yet one of the easiest ways to give that up is to use your own vehicle, especially in urban areas where ubiquitous traffic cams keep a constant tally on where you travel.

Rental cars are an option, but in the time it takes to make a reservation, pick up the car, run your errands and return the vehicle, you likely could have walked to your destination. Plus, you have to worry about replacing the gas you used or paying absurdly high prices to have the rental company refill it for you.

Drive Now is a new short-term electric car rental service that takes much of the fuss out of getting a new vehicle, whether for an hour or an afternoon. The service, launched by BMW in Germany in 2011, came to San Francisco last year, equipped with 70 of BMW’s ActivE electric automobiles.

Once you register and receive your Drive Now RFID card, all you have to do is use your smartphone to look up where there’s a vehicle nearby. Reserve the car and use your ID to unlock the door and start the car up. The first 30 minutes cost $12, with additional minutes costing 32 cents each.

When you’re done, just return the car to a Drive Now valet charging location throughout the city. Your account is charged for only the minutes you use the vehicle (driving or parked).

Of course, you are still responsible for any parking or traffic infractions that occur while the vehicle is in your possession, and Drive Now will turn over your information to the applicable authorities to enforce such things if need be. But if you don’t want to use your own vehicle (or don’t have a vehicle of your own), then Drive Now is an excellent option for growers on the go.

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Here’s how car sharing works. A good option for growers.
Last modified on Wednesday, 03 July 2013 15:42

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