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Eco Fashion: Organic Clothing Takes New Strides

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Organic clothing is fashionable and good for the environment. Organic clothing is fashionable and good for the environment.


Man is an intrinsic part of nature. But is man mature enough to accept nature’s grandeur and mystery? Are we humans capable of loving nature, of safeguarding and living in harmony with it? If you are a grower, odds are that the answer to these big questions is yes.

An increasing number of fashion companies are offering clothes that are made using eco-friendly materials. To put it simply, the term “eco-fashion” means clothes made from natural materials and produced without polluting the environment. Eco-clothes are manufactured while considering the health of the consumers and the working conditions of the people involved in the production process. For example, such clothes are made from organic cotton, cultivated without pesticides or even made out of surprising materials like recycled plastic bottles.

Eco-friendly clothing can be good for the wearer as well as the environment. Hemp clothing has been worn for centuries and alongside soft bamboo clothing, has antibacterial properties, preventing odor and sweating. Organic cotton lets human skin breathe as well as being a natural UV filter. So when we choose eco-friendly clothing, we benefit in more ways than one. It is high time we pay nature its due respect.

There is a creative Chilean designer, Alexandra Guerrero, who is trying to popularize her clothing collection crafted out of fabric made from recycled cigarette butts.

The Swedish automobile giant Saab has also contributed to eco-fashion by launching its 100% organic cotton clothing line featuring palm wood buttons.

Other innovations in fabrics include shirts made from aromatic fruit and grass fibers, as well as from tarantula silk. There’s even clothing made from casein, the milk protein.

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Bamboo is a versatile and useful plant that can be used to make great, soft clothing.
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