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Hangover Patch Bytox Claims To Calm The Morning After

  • Written by  Ian Traas
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The Bytox patch could actually turn out to be an effective hangover cure. The Bytox patch could actually turn out to be an effective hangover cure.

Your head is throbbing, your tongue is hairy, and the sunlight is burning your eyes. Congratulations, you’re officially hungover. Water and aspirin help a bit, but there’s got to be a better way to deal with the morning after.

Bytox is a patch designed to be worn during your night out that promises to halt a hangover before it starts. Rosebud asked Bytox advocate Dr. Leonard Grossman to talk about what Bytox is, how it works and why it’s different.

Rosebud: So what exactly is in the patch?

Dr. Leonard Grossman: Primarily, it’s a combination of vitamins. There’s vitamin B complex, along with some other products that I don’t feel are as important. But it’s mostly vitamins and minerals.

Can’t we just take the same vitamins orally? Why use a patch?

If you’re swallowing any kind of pill, you’ll find that most of it will be excreted by one means or another. If you’re wearing a patch, everything is delivered right to the bloodstream. It’s almost like being connected to an IV tube.

Have you used it yourself?

I’ve done a few experiments where I’ve gone overboard and still felt great the next morning.

Does it matter how much you drink?

If you normally have five martinis, you could have seven or eight and feel fine the next day. But if you’re going to drink the liquor store, nothing will help you.

Some say hangover cures are a waste of money.

I don’t think the patch should be grouped with other hangover remedies. Aspirin and coffee may help you feel slightly better, but the patch is the only thing that will prevent a hangover from happening because it’s replenishing what your body is losing while you’re drinking alcohol.

Is there any way that it could kill our buzz?

It shouldn’t. Your blood alcohol level will still climb, and you’ll still feel the full effects of drinking. That’s why I tell people to never, ever drive after they’ve been drinking. It is still alcohol, it is still poison, and it impairs judgment and clouds your perception of everything, so it’s very important that you be careful.

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Is Bytox the cure for a hangover?
Last modified on Monday, 02 July 2012 18:23

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