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Cool Biehn: Men’s Advice from a Hollywood Hero – Dating, Fashion, GMOs

  • Written by  Michael Biehn
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Need some advice from a Hollywood perspective? Here it is. Need some advice from a Hollywood perspective? Here it is.


Michael Biehn has been playing intense characters for more than 35 years, including memorable roles in major blockbusters like The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss and Tombstone, just to name a few. 

Although this onscreen tough guy has transitioned from actor to writer, director and producer in recent years, he is still living the California Dream to the fullest, and he’s happy to share his experiences about life, love and growing in Hollywood Babylon in his new Rosebud column.

I’ve been reading a lot about GMOs in Rosebud as well as other places. I’m wondering what a guy like you does to eat healthy when so much of our food is bad for you.

Jimmy Pruit, Costa Mesa, CA. 

I try to eat really healthy. I don’t like to fill my body with too many chemicals and all that other crap that’s bad for you. When I was a young man I felt invincible (like most young men), and I lived life by the drop. These days, I value every day.

Fortunately for me, it’s fairly easy to find healthy food in a place like Los Angeles. There are lots of organic restaurants, health food stores and farmers’ markets where you can be reasonably certain the food you’re eating isn’t full of chemicals or GMOs. I know it’s not like that in most places, which must make it very difficult to avoid consuming some sort of poison. It’s a shame.

I’m planning a trip to Los Angeles this fall, and I’m afraid my typical wardrobe won’t be cool enough. My friend said L.A. is casual, but how should a guy in his 30s dress to impress without overdoing it?

Chris Bohem, Dayton OH

I’m not too concerned with fashion, but do yourself a favor and age gracefully. You see a lot of guys in their 30s who are trying to dress like they’re 21, and it never looks good. A clean T-shirt and classic jeans (not the overdesigned styles that have been unfortunately popular lately) will be fine for almost all of L.A. If you want to go a bit nicer, just throw a black blazer on top.

What is the best way to pick up a Hollywood starlet?

Gabe Karsten, Farmington Hills, MI

Become a producer—period. It’s all about the power, man. That said, I know some growers who hang with a lot of beautiful women as well.

I’m obsessed with watching Californication. Do you have any personal stories that would live up to Hank Moody?

Caesar Rivas, Scottsdale, AZ

No comment! I kicked around in Hollywood a bunch, and I have seen and done some exciting things. Today I am more focused on my new projects and living in the present.

A funny thought came to mind today: Doing this column is like going on a blind date. You end up rambling on about a lot of bullshit, and you never know if you’ll ever see the other person again … what was the question? Hank Moody?! Man, that’s all scripted. What kind of question is that? Jesus …

You can ask Michael your own questions in future issues of Rosebud. michaelbiehn@rosebudmag.com

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