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Seriously Funny: Don Cheadle Goes Green as Captain Planet Featured

Don Cheadle turns in a hilarious performance as an out of control Captain Planet in a new internet video. Don Cheadle turns in a hilarious performance as an out of control Captain Planet in a new internet video.

We hear a lot about celebrities doing their thing for the environment, and we here at Rosebud Magazine love sharing those kinds of stories with you. But it’s always nice when someone remembers that there’s a lighter side to ecology as well. Don Cheadle teamed up with the Funny Or Die folks to make a video using the nostalgia of cartoon superhero Captain Planet as a way to make a statement about… well, really just as an excuse to make us laugh.

Don Cheadle is a versatile actor whose roles have varied from star turns in movies as diverse as the moving Hotel Rwanda, the Oscar-winning Crash, and the box office blockbuster Iron Man 2. Turns out he’s got a real humorous streak as well. Check out his transformation from over-the-top cheesy good guy to ghetto-slang spewing thug in the video at the end of this article.

Funny Or Die has been the go-to internet stop for side-splitting videos for a while now, and they’ve often used the site as a means not only of busting you up, but of spreading a socially conscious message. The message is pretty light in Don Cheadle’s video, but in sex columnist Dan Savage’s recent video letter to politician Rick Santorum, the humor was really a way of spreading the word about standing up to homophobes, especially the kind who run for public office.

Of course, the social conscience of some of the videos on the site will come as no surprise to those familiar with the work of its co-founder, Adam McKay. McKay is best known as co-producer, co-writer and/or director of many Will Ferrell films, but he’s also an outspoken leftist. In fact, at the conclusion of the Ferrell/McKay flick The Other Guys (which co-starred Mark Wahlberg), the credits scrolled alongside statistics about the corporate bailouts received by American companies during the financial crisis. McKay used the space to inform the public of the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the U.S.

So maybe Don Cheadle’s new Captain Planet video is more than just an excuse to have some silly fun and recall a terrible cartoon from a couple of decades ago. Or not. Either way, it’s hilarious and makes you think at least a little bit about environmental destruction. And we like that. Now get your laugh on!

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Don Cheadle as Captain Planet in this Funny or Die video had us in stitches.
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