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Eastbound and Down Season 2 Buzzes Internet

Danny McBride returns as Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down season two Danny McBride returns as Kenny Powers in Eastbound and Down season two

Everywhere you look on the internet these days, people are getting excited for the second season of HBO’s dark and politically incorrect comedy Eastbound and Down. The series stars Danny McBride as down and out major league pitcher Kenny Powers, and is produced by comedy superstar Will Ferrell. Even the celebrity world is atwitter about the return of the series, with everyone from Kanye West to Marilyn Manson expressing their appreciation for the show.

Season two follows Kenny Powers’ continued fall from grace as he and his personal assistant, Stevie Janowski, head to Mexico to try to revive Powers’ career. Janowski is the only character to return from season one. McBride and co-writer/director Jody Hill wanted to approach the series in terms of the story, rather than with a focus traditional situational comedy. To that end, they’ve changed the setting and abandoned most of the characters viewers came to know in season one.

That’s a gutsy move, but so is just about everything Eastbound and Down has done. Season one pushed the envelope and even tested poorly at times with the HBO brass. McBride stretches the bounds of good taste in nearly every scene, whether it’s arriving to chaperone the middle-school dance high on ecstasy or using profanity in front of his brother’s young children. In the end, HBO let the show's creators have their way, and now they’re reaping the benefits of the hit series.

McBride himself has also gained much from being the star of a popular TV show. Since Eastbound and Down’s debut in 2009, McBride has appeared in major feature films including Up In the Air with George Clooney and Despicable Me with Steve Carell.

This November he hits the big screen again with a supporting role in the comedy Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifiankis.

But the small screen is still where McBride thrives. Eastbound and Down has earned so much hype that the fictional Kenny Powers landed himself a real life endorsement. McBride as Powers, along with NFL star Jeremy Shockey and MMA standout Urijah Faber, is the spokesperson for the latest line of sneakers from K-Swiss.

HBO took a risk with an edgy, dark comedy, and came up with a pot of gold in Eastbound and Down. Now viewers are clamoring to catch the first episode of season two, giving creators Jody Hill and Danny McBride an increasing show biz presence. Of course, having Will Ferrell on board as producer has always been something of an ace in the hole, but the series has had to sink or swim on its own boundary-pushing merits. Thankfully for its fans, Eastbound and Down has done just that.

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