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PS3 Game Review: Frogger Returns Fails

PS3 Game Review: Frogger Returns Fails PS3 Game Review: Frogger Returns Fails

The PS3 was home to some of the year’s best titles, but Frogger Returns is destined to be ignored for its clunky play and lack of online mode.

The game play is essentially the same as the classic arcade version. You control a frog trying to cross some treacherous landscape to some safety zones at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, the controls in this version are clunky, and the view in one player mode, which is from slightly behind the frog, makes it hard to understand where your frog will move.

There are some cool two player modes, and adding a head-to-head feature can always up the fun factor in a gaming experience, but for some inexplicable reason, the developers neglected to include an online mode. That means you’re stuck competing with whoever comes over to play the game, and severely limits your opportunities to test your frogging expertise.

For a game like this to have failed is especially disappointing because the original Frogger is truly one of the great games of its era. Frogger Returns however, is destined for the discount bin. You can forget this one.

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