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The fitness industry has been growing profusely in the recent years; people are increasingly becoming more health conscious than ever. Banking on this growing fitness madness, over two years ago Nintendo introduced Wii Fit on the market. Wii Fit has acquired immense popularity in the world of gaming, entertainment, and…
As evidenced by the wild popularity of The Beatles Remastered catalogue and Beatles Rock Band (fully compatible with Wii, XBox and PS3) the Beatles are not just the only band to create an entirely new genre of music, they’re also one of few popular music acts still attracting new fans…
Game developer, Konami, has launched a new series of retro-style games with its Rebirth line. The latest of these is Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth, a side-scrolling game straight out of the late ‘80s.
In Dragonology for the Nintendo DS, you are a dragon researcher collecting samples and evidence that will help you learn more about the nature of Dragons. The gameplay begins with you searching exotic locations to gain information about different species of dragons.
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