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Beatles on Rock Band Wii, XBox, PS3, ITunes & IPod

The Beatles: Rock Band into your Xbox 360/PS3/Wii The Beatles: Rock Band into your Xbox 360/PS3/Wii

As evidenced by the wild popularity of The Beatles Remastered catalogue and Beatles Rock Band (fully compatible with Wii, XBox and PS3) the Beatles are not just the only band to create an entirely new genre of music, they’re also one of few popular music acts still attracting new fans in the 21st century. With The Beatles Rock Band for Wii, XBox and PS3 bringing older folks into the world of interactive video games, and the availability of Beatles songs on ITunes for download onto IPod, younger people are hearing songs that were hits before your mother was born. But time is brutal: of the original Fab Four, only Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney remain alive.

John was murdered, after years of harassment, surveillance and threats from the US government. George passed away too early. Thus, The Beatles can never again perform live.

On the other hand, Paul McCartney (known to his fans as “Macca”) is still writing and producing great music, and his live performances of solo tunes and Beatles songs are electrifying, nostalgic and every seat is filled.

And yet, many people (especially those under age 30), truly don’t understand the factual validity behind the statement that The Beatles are the most accomplished and influential popular music band of all time.

A good way for them to find out is to hear The Beatles Remastered 14-album set. This remarkable technical achievement involved the original Beatles studio producer, genius George Martin, working with his studio wizard son Giles to go back to the original tapes and make all those classic songs sound better than they ever did before.

What you’ll hear on The Beatles Remastered (other than stunning clarity, perfect stereo and enhanced tonal range) is that The Beatles created pop and rock music, paving the way for all the bands and solo acts to come since.

The Beatles were the very first mass appeal band to widely use sound effects, tape loops, reverse sounds, phase shifting, deliberate distortion, synthesizers, backing  orchestras, theme albums, and music videos.

They were the first to do a music video (their movies Help, A Hard Day’s Night and Yellow Submarine were like 30 music videos tied together).

Not only were The Beatles the first to use technical innovations, technical inventions, eclectic instruments, new studio techniques and performing their original songs in every kind of music from bossa nova to ballads to punk rock to classical to sitar…their lyrics departed from the safe territory of love songs and sad songs to include surreal poetry, metaphors, and imagery that to this day thrills and intrigues new audiences.

And although Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and a few other artists started using popular music as a vehicle for political-social change in the mid-1960’s, it was The Beatles who took on war, universal love, meditation, psychedelia, revolution, police brutality, and other serious topics in a way that transcended simple categorizing as “protest rock.”

Not only does The Beatles Remastered show off the timeless appeal of The Beatles and make John Lennon smile (he didn’t believe in heaven, so we’re not sure where John Lennon is right now, but hello John), The Beatles Remastered and The Beatles Rock Band show a new generation of video game kids that The Beatles boys were highly talented instrumentalists.

The Beatles Rock Band is among the best of the Rock Band XBox, Wii and PS3 genre, and it includes new guitar controllers (carefully modeled after actual guitars played by The Beatles) as well as a wildly successful attempt to use imagery and art from The Beatles albums, movies, and era.

Even in our sad era of rap, hip-hop, and lip-syncing singers whose lyrics are crude and ugly and whose talent level is negligible, young and old alike are embracing, it's front-page news that you can now use Apple ITunes to get The Beatles on your IPod. And The Beatles Remastered and The Beatles Rock Band Wii, X Box, PS3, give a resounding yes to the question Sir Paul McCartney asks in a classic The Beatles song: “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?”

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