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Hot Stuff: Moby Lets Destroyed Sink In

Moby - everyone's favorite vegan. Moby - everyone's favorite vegan.

We’re back with another installment of Hot Stuff, featuring the albums that have been bumping in headphones and speakers non-stop in the Rosebud Magazine offices this week. The good news for all the music-lovers around here this week was the addition of the new Moby album, Destroyed, to our playlists. We’ve also got some sublime indie folk from the good people at Sub Pop records, a British trio of ‘80s enthusiasts, some amazing retro ‘70s-style occult metal, and screamingly catchy pop-punk type stuff. And for the indoor growers out on the fringes, we’ve got some crusty D-beat hardcore straight out of the Chicago underground. It’s an eclectic music mix, but hydroponics cultivators are an eclectic bunch. Without further ado…

Moby – Destroyed

Moby burst into the spotlight thanks to the unexpected blockbuster success of 1999’s Play, which signaled a change in the public’s perception of electronic music. 12 since then, Moby is still doing his thing, and Destroyed finds him in fine form. The album has a subdued vibe, nothing that bursts forth like some of this best known tracks of the past. Rather, Destroyed fades into consciousness gradually but surely. Perhaps unlike how many people think of electronic music, this one is meant to be listened to alone, on a solitary late night drive for instance. Destroyed needs some space to breathe, but Moby’s brilliance is there sure enough.

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes are doing something astounding. Their brand of indie folk both draws from classics and puts a unique fingerprint on the notion of making songs with acoustic guitars and human voices. Helplessness Blues is a melancholy wind through a wealth of harmonies and some gorgeous guitar playing. The songs evoke a painful nostalgia, but somehow invite you to sing along at the same time. It’s a curious and beautiful concoction, and hands down one of the best records of 2011.

Friendly Fires  - Pala

Friendly Fires have cooked up an incredible album of ‘80s inflected dance-punk tunes, loaded with every bit of energy we’ve come to expect from the UK trio. Pala is a powerful multi-instrumental production featuring a combination of lush synth, grooving basslines, and pulsing drum beats. But the album never loses sight of pop songwriting essentials, which are catchy vocal melodies and hooks galore.

Graveyard – Hisingen Blues

This album just keeps blowing us away. If you have any love for early ‘70s heavy metal, when metal was in its infant stages, you have check out Graveyard. These guys sound like they could have shared the stage with the likes of Wishbone Ash, Budgie, Led Zeppelin, and Rainbow. They even look the part – handlebar moustaches, long hair, beards. The difference is that Hisingen Blues was released this year. Everything from the riffs, the style of drumming, the guitar tones, and the lyrics pay tribute to the roots of heavy metal. Your record collection isn’t complete until you own Graveyard’s Hisingen Blues.

Sleeping With Sirens – Let’s Cheers To This

On the other end of the spectrum is Sleeping With Sirens, whose new album is full on hook-laden pop-punk. Let’s Cheers To This comes through with powerful whoa-ohs and infectious harmonies that invite sing-alongs, and while it’s got a slick gloss, that doesn’t take away from the album’s edge. But all other considerations aside, this stuff sinks or swims on how memorable the melodies are, and these guys deliver.

Weekend Nachos – Worthless

Out in the underground, Weekend Nachos deliver some crushing D-beat hardcore. Worthless is the raw goods - crusty, punishing, breakneck songs on track after track. This isn’t some pretty, watered down hardcore for the kids at the mall. Weekend Nachos is a punch in the face. And we mean that in the best way possible.

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Moby talks about why he makes music.
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