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Lindsay Lohan: Hollywood’s Latest Jailbird

Lindsay Lohan is doing hard time, including lockdowns and solitary confinement. Lindsay Lohan is doing hard time, including lockdowns and solitary confinement.

Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity to find herself so far on the wrong side of the law that she ends up in jail. Celebrities tend to have an easier time landing a forgiving judge than your average resident of, let’s say, the Watts neighborhood of L.A. for example. But Lohan now finds herself in a group that includes hotel heiress Paris Hilton, rapper Lil Kim, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil and Tommy Lee, and NFL quarterback Michael Vick as a celebrity who couldn’t beat her rap with community service alone.

On July 6, Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violation of the conditions of her probation, which she incurred for driving under the influence of alcohol. Specifically, a judge determined that she hadn’t attended the required number of alcohol education classes to that date.

As a result of that judge’s ruling, Lohan began serving her sentence on July 20. Officials say that she will only serve 13 days of her sentence, which is normal for non-violent offenders at Lynwood women’s prison due to overcrowding.

But things have gotten worse for Lohan. Reports from recently released inmates say that Lohan has been put on lockdown and in solitary confinement because of hysterical episodes. Lohan has reportedly screamed and sobbed at wardens in the prison, causing her to forfeit her time outdoors.

There are further reports that inmates have been belligerent towards Lohan, chanting “fire crotch” at the Hollywood star.

But not all celebrity jailbirds have had such a tough time in the clink.

Rap superstar Lil Wayne is currently in the middle of a year-long sentence at Rikers Island for possession of a .40 caliber handgun. On his official prison website, Weezy Thanx You, which publishes letters the rapper writes to his fans, Lil Wayne sounds in good spirits and reports that he spends his time working out, writing music, and reading the Bible.

Motley Crue’s lead singer, Vince Neil, also did time in connection to a DUI. His incident also involved serious injury, including permanent brain damage to two other people, and the death of Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley, who was in the car with him. Neil suffered no significant injuries and wound up serving 15 days in jail.

During his time in prison, Neil recounts a conjugal visit from an unknown female groupie, and how he was beloved by his fellow inmates. It’s a far cry from Lohan’s miserable punishment.

Lindsay Lohan has been troubled for nearly as long as she has been in the public eye. Battles with drugs and alcohol are a common story among Tinseltown’s child stars, as is the constant scrutiny of paparazzi and the gossip-hungry public they serve. What’s next for Lohan is anyone’s guess. She may mature beyond her personal problems and resume a once promising film career. One can only hope that she doesn’t go the way of fellow Hollywood party girl, Brittany Murphy, who died of cardiac arrest at the age of 32 last December.

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