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More Fun than Wii, Xbox, & PlayStation!

  • Written by  Steve Davis
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Brain Balance and Harmony is the First Step to Well Being Brain Balance and Harmony is the First Step to Well Being

Wii, Xbox and PlayStation and other electronic fun are exciting for us, but there are other electronic devices that tickle your brain while increasing your brain function.

Think about having the ability to improve your brain, just by plugging in a handy device!

Sounds like a great idea, right? Because after all, sometimes your brain needs to be stimulated, or relaxed, or both.

Too many thoughts, racing thoughts, unpleasant thoughts, insomnia, inability to focus and concentrate, patchy memory, mental fog…you name it, I’ve experienced it and it’s no fun.

Wii, Xbox and Playstation are fun and they do have some brain enhancement effects, but I’ve always wanted devices and other tactics that are designed to make my brain work better for me.
So now you can get a brain booster machine that you can carry around with you. It’s the size of a paperback book and comes with a pair of eye goggles and headphones.

What does it do? It generates sessions of pulsed light and sound that “entrain” your brain to alter brain wave patterns.

Our brains have readable patterns that correspond to our consciousness, awareness and what we are doing with our brains at the time.

These waveforms are measured by an electroencephalogram device and can be monitored by us, and manipulated by mind machines too. In general terms, our brains are in one of four brainwave patterns at any one time.

Delta is the least active brainwave state, and it won’t surprise you therefore that it’s associated with deep sleep. It’s also a brainwave state that many babies are in, even when they’re awake.
Next up from Delta is Theta. This is a slightly more active brain that is nearing sleep, but would be better described as “drowsy” rather than as asleep.

From there, when you are no longer drowsy but not using your brain for alert computations, worry or other intense mental activity, you enter the Alpha brainwave pattern.
For many people, being in the Alpha state is their most pleasurable brain state because it produces “relaxed, peaceful attention.”

The most active brainwave pattern is called Beta. If you’re in an office job, working your guts out, stressed, multi-tasking, doing too many things at once, talking too much and otherwise in the state of mind that far too many of us are in, you are in Beta.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times Beta is useful. Like if you’re an attorney arguing in front of a jury, but in general, the Beta mind is one that tortures you.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Beta-dominated mind is a “Monkey Mind,” meaning that the mind jumps all over the place like a crazy monkey in trees!

The good news is you can get a handle on your brain using devices such as the one made by MindAlive.com, which is based in Canada. Not only are these devices easier to operate than Wii, Xbox and Playstation, but they set off a fireworks display in your mind.

One of the things you’ll love the most about MindAlive machines is how your mind takes the flashing lights and pulsating sounds and multiplies them using a kaleidoscopic effect. You see all kinds of geometric patterns, strobe effects, and even visions!!

The MindAlive device has a vast array of pre-loaded programs targeted towards various goals you have for your brain.

For example, if you are restlessly awake at 2 am and have to be at work in five hours and you need to sleep but you don’t want to take chemical sedatives, the MindAlive has programs that will meet you in Beta and drop you to Delta real soon.

This isn’t a time when Wii, Xbox or PlayStation will do you much good, but the MindAlive is designed to help you.

All you do is select the appropriate session, adjust volume and other parameters, close your eyes, and the machine takes you into relaxation.

On the other hand, if your brain is sluggish and weak and you need it to function like a prizewinning sports car, the MindAlive device can take you from Theta to Alpha or Beta for enhanced performance.

Not only that, but there are all kinds of interventions you can do with the MindAlive to deal with issues like depression, ADD, ADHD, and other glitches. You also use it to enhance language learning, do better on tests, and sharpen brain performance for work and play.

Some gamers do MIndAlive sessions before they work their Wii, Playstation or Xbox devices.

The MindAlive machine does tune-ups on your brain to integrate the left and right hemisphere, increase memory and creativity, increase analytic ability, decrease physical pain, etc.

One thing I love about the MindAlive machine is that it is “therapeutically” recreational. It’s not just electronic entertainment like Wii, Xbox and Playstation.

You choose your brainwave program, push a button, adjust the intensity and types of light and sound, close your eyes and then watch the Fourth of July explode in your head.

And you can customize programs to augment the pre-loaded ones that come with the unit.

You can even hook up an electronic stim device that turns the MindAlive into a more powerful brain stimulator.

Check them out at www.mindalive.com. There are various makes and models of these types of devices other than the ones made by MindAlive.

For example, check out www.mindmachines.com and www.toolsforwellness.com.

You don’t play tennis, imitate rock stars or do other Wii, Playstation and Xbox stuff on a mind machine, but you can have a lot of fun and help your life improve at the same time. Who knows- maybe a MindAlive device will make you better at Wii, Playstation and Xbox!

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