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Movies on Demand: Netflix Versus Amazon

Who gives you the best movies on demand? Who gives you the best movies on demand?
Movies on demand is a great idea that’s putting old school video rental stores out of business.

Let’s face it, who wants to drive to a store to rent a Blu-Ray or other HD video product when you can sit at home and just get them sent direct to your computer or in-home theater?

In Rosebud’s ongoing quest to ferret out who gives you the best and who doesn’t, I auditioned two of the most-used video on demand sites: Netflix and Amazon. Here’s what I found after trying each of the services for a month of regular viewing…

The Netflix homepage makes a big deal of its month-long “free” trial, and that’s why I assayed Netflix first. Netflix offers you the option of having an actual Blu-Ray or HD disc sent to you, or instant movie on demand downloaded delivery.

I signed up for the free trial and examined their catalogue of movies. They have what I would term mostly B movies; Netflix “newest” movies are not as current as movies available to you for purchase, rental or downloading on Amazon video on demand or elsewhere.

Netflix is about four weeks behind Amazon when it comes to the most recent A-list releases.

I had to load a video player from Netflix, but the video player didn’t work well. I have the ultimate Internet connectivity and a wickedly fast computer, so it wasn’t a fault on my end.

The Netflix player was especially problematic when I stopped and started movies or tried to scroll through them to bypass or find specific scenes. The video quality wasn’t very high either, especially for older films.

Three weeks into my “free” trial month I got my credit card bill and found that Netflix had charged me already.

When I called Netflix customer service, their rep was rude and inaccurate.

“Your bank doesn’t know what it’s talking about,” was what he said when I noted that my free trial had actually been charged to my credit card as if I had signed up for a billed account.

Then he hung up on me and a few seconds later I received an email saying that my “free trial” had been deactivated.

That’s when I started my Amazon Video on Demand evaluation. I instantly found it to be easier than Netflix (I already have a general account with Amazon). I also saw that the Amazon catalogue of movies was more current and their movies play crystal clear.

Amazon costs about $5 per movie, which is more than Netflix costs, but to me it’s worth it.

No, I have no business relationship with Amazon and they’re not paying me to tell you the fact that for me their video on demand is better than Netflix. But the bottom line is I found it easier, faster and a better movie experience using Amazon.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 20:44

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