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Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone Reunite in Wall Street Sequel

Michael Douglas shows Shia LaBeouf the roeps in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Michael Douglas shows Shia LaBeouf the roeps in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

In 1987, Oliver Stone directed Wall Street, starring Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, and Darryl Hannah. One of the year’s most memorable movies, it earned Douglas an Academy Award for Best Actor, and made for a successful follow up to Stone’s Platoon, which earned much critical praise the year before. This Fall, Stone and Douglas reunite for a sequel – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – co-starring Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, and Frank Langella.

The new film marks Stone’s first attempt at a sequel. Will he hit the jackpot again, or will his stock crash in the ashes of another ill-conceived Hollywood sequel?

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a thing for ‘80s nostalgia these days. However, most of Tinsel Town’s attempts to cash in on that era are aimed at adults who want to reminisce fondly over their childhoods. Recent releases of films like Transformers, G.I. Joe, the Karate Kid, and the A-Team speak to children of the ‘80s.

But the first Wall Street film was rated R, and few kids of 1987 would have been interested. The film might be able to float on the interest of adults who remember the original film, but more likely, it’s going to have to get by on its own merits.

Given Stone’s recent track record of middling films, it’s hard to imagine that this will be his return to glory. The plot is typical of Stone’s attempts to cash in on recent headlines, in this case, the 2008 financial crisis (He did the same with 2008’s W., and 2006’s World Trade Center).

Michael Douglas remains likeable in his old age, and seems to be up to par in this film. Josh Brolin is serviceable, but is unlikely to ever outdo his turn in No Country for Old Men. Frost/Nixon’s Frank Langella is consistently good, and a pleasure whenever he pops up in a movie.

The supporting cast also includes Shia LaBeouf, who, despite appearing in a few blockbusters, nevertheless seems to increasingly be turning audiences off. At least he’s not trying to convince anyone that he’s an action hero in this movie.

Academy Award-nominated actress Carey Mulligan concludes a prolific string of releases which includes six features in 2009 and 2010 with her role as Douglas’s daughter.

If Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps can come close to the success of the first film, then Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas could both enjoy a restoration to the kind of prominence they once enjoyed in the film world. As for the diminishing returns where Shia LaBeouf’s movie career is concerned, he could stand to turn in a winning performance this fall, too.

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Last modified on Friday, 15 April 2011 23:06

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