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Schwarzenegger & Shriver Divorce: Now with Kids!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver appear to be saying, “Hasta la vista, baby.” Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver appear to be saying, “Hasta la vista, baby.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Kennedy family member Maria Shriver, surprised the public on Monday night when they officially announced that they have put a hold on their marriage and are currently separated. What appeared to many as a relationship of strength tested by time, is succumbing to the pitfalls of unhappiness. While marriage issues are not atypical in the worlds of Hollywood and politics, Schwarzenegger and Shriver's falling out is startling. Even though she didn't want him to run for Governor of California, their marriage seemed defined by a solid history and strong family, and marked by relatively little scandal. But apparently the relationship has been on the rocks for years. And now, though the Governator's marriage may be terminated, he is more than ready for action.

While Arnold will continue to ride the wave of success brought by his name, Shriver apparently is in crisis mode over the transition from first lady of the state to an uncertain future.

Despite the end of his questionably effective reign as governor and his split with Shriver, Schwarzenegger will remain in the spotlight as an international advocate of green energy, and re-emerging on the red carpet scene as the star in yet another addition to the Terminator film franchise. He has also accepted a contract for Cry Macho, a film produced by Al Ruddy (The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby) about a Kentucky horse breeder who falls into a deep depression after his wife and child are killed, and finds himself hired to kidnap a 9-year-old boy.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver have not yet filed for divorce, but have been separated for several weeks, and if indeed that officiating blow takes place, the impact will be significant - over a billion dollars worth of assets will be divided between them. Schwarzenegger and Shriver said Monday that they will continue to raise their children together, an interesting statement given that Shriver has been living in a hotel for the past several weeks, and a custody battle is sure to ensue following any divorce proceedings.

Shriver allegedly blames Arnold's lack of attention to her and the marriage as the cause for her ill-feelings. According to sources, Shriver has been unhappy for years, but religion and other events have kept her from filing for divorce earlier in the relationship. While Arnold will continue to ride the wave of success brought by his name, Shriver apparently is in crisis mode over the transition from first lady of the state to an uncertain future. It was probably a sense of Kennedy dignity that prevented Shriver from engaging in any relationship debacle while her husband was governor, just as it had caused to her stick up for Arnold in the face of claims that he had been inappropriate in his actions with other women. Maria Shriver may simply be done covering for the Governator now that the name technically no longer applies.

However, this really isn't a special case. In fact, the world should have seen this coming - or at least expected it. Frankly, this situation is such a fundamental part of Hollywood and political narrative that sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the two. The rumor mill must keep turning. The tabloids and newspapers have to report something. According to TMZ, Schwarzenegger wants to repair his bond with Shriver, to whom he has been married for 25 years. Since the couple announced their separation, Arnold has been quite the gentleman, and would like things to change for the better, the report states. The couple said that they're taking things one day at a time. Neither Schwarzenegger nor Shriver has anything else to say regarding the matter. Even though his marriage is falling apart in front of him, Schwarzenegger continues to demonstrate his strength – at least of character, or name. As promised, the Terminator will be back. Will Maria Shriver?


Since we first ran this article, there have been quite a few interesting new developments, to say the least. It turns out the Governator fathered a child some 14 years ago. The mother was on the Schwazenegger family staff, and Arnie kept it a secret from both the public and his family until now. Wow.

So what does this mean for the career of the man who brought us Terminator, True Lies, Running Man, and Twins? Probably not much. It seems like the public has a short memory for stuff like this. A man can ruin his family and cause emotional scars on his kids, legitmate and otherwise, but if he pretends to be super robot assassin from the future, we'll still eat it up.

What do you think? Does this change your opinion of the man? Let your voice be heard in our comments sections below.

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A tribute to one of the finest thespians of our age – Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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