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Instead of Fox, Limbaugh, CNN, MSNBC, See Journalist Amy Goodman

Journalist Amy Goodman Journalist Amy Goodman

As a hydroponics urban garden professional who’s trying to cultivate your self and your life so you get maximum yield from your plants and your time on earth, you seek reliable information about hydroponics so you can make the best decisions for cultivating your plants. But with so-called journalism from Fox, Limbaugh, CNN, MSNBC, where do you go when you want reliable information about the world around you?

In today’s media climate, as an independent-thinking, freedom-loving individual who wants the truth, you wonder how to separate fact from fiction.

The big question is where is the style of “journalism” that fits what you were told in elementary school, when the teacher said that the main job of a journalist is not merely to inform or entertain, but to expose corruption and provide citizens with accurate information about powerful forces so citizens have the majority voice in their country’s democracy.

As a college-trained journalist and investigative reporter, I can personally recommend to you one of the few “real journalists” working today. Her name is Amy Goodman, and you can find her Democracy Now daily television show archived on the Internet, on radio and on cable systems across the world.

Not Anderson Cooper, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Katie Couric…thank godNot Anderson Cooper, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Katie Couric…thank godSome people describe Amy as a “liberal leftist,” but that’s inaccurate. She’s an equal opportunity skeptic and revealer, as comfortable attacking Democrats as Republicans, conservatives as liberals.

In fact, one of her most famous broadcast moments came when she interviewed then-President Bill Clinton. Instead of asking him powderpuff questions like a “liberal” would do, she cross-examined him, all but accusing him of war crimes, dishonesty, and hypocrisy.

Sputtering with indignation, Clinton on air indicated that he had expected a few easy questions, and attempted to tame Goodman. It didn’t work. She pressed on, forcing the president to answer questions that few presidents or prime ministers ever face.

That’s Amy’s style, whether Obama or Bush is in the White House: be skeptical of corporate or government cover stories, investigate them, bring on courageous experts, and tell the truth no matter who it hurts.

Amy has the street creds to back up her courage and journalistic martial arts. In 1991, during a journalistic visit to East Timor, she and her journalist colleague were almost gunned down by government agents, subjected to a horrific near-death experience.

At the 2008 Republican National Convention held in Minneapolis, Amy and her television crew filmed themselves being attacked, beaten and arrested by out-of-control police. She’s now suing police and other officials for violating her rights as a journalist and citizen.

When Amy was entering Canada to give a Vancouver Public Library speech as part of her book tour (she’s a NY Times best-selling author), Canadian border officials detained her and her crew, interrogated them in secret, tore up their cars, searched their computers…all in an apparent attempt to find out and censor her if she was visiting Canada to “criticize the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.” She wasn’t.

The bottom line is that if you’re tired of the obvious biases from Rush Limbaugh, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and other “news” networks, you owe it to yourself to tune into Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, and read her books. She’s one of few real journalists on this planet, and is a blessing for you in your hydroponics urban garden, for anyone who wants maximum yield from their life.

Oh Canada, why did you detain journalist Amy Goodman?

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Last modified on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 20:40

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