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She's Out of My League

The foxy Alice Eve and the dorky Jay Baruchel The foxy Alice Eve and the dorky Jay Baruchel

Given reality TV shows like Sarah Palin's Alaska, the dumbing down of America is progressing rather nicely. That process is actually the theme of She's Out of My League, a Dreamworks produced 2010 movie, that's already out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Torn between trying to be a buddy movie and a romantic comedy at the same time, She's Out of My League is the story of a guy who's a 5, and who stumbles into a relationship with a perfect 10. The former is played by skinny Jay Baruchel, whose previous credits include The Sorcerer's Apprentice, while the latter is the magnificently beautiful (read "dropdead gorgeous") Alice Eve, who played Erin in Sex and the City 2. The movie's director, Jim Field Smith, cut his creative teeth writing for television in the UK, as well as almost winning a comedy award at the Edinburgh fringe festival.

The lead character, Kirk, is a TSA agent at Pittsburgh airport, whose buddies on the job define both his public and personal life. He comes from an extremely dysfunctional family, who include his ex-girlfriend and her new beau. Molly, the perfect girl, is a lawyer, who instead of practicing law, set up an event planning and organizing business with a close girlfriend. Their paths cross when she leaves her cell in the belongings basket at the airport, and invites Kirk to a party where he could return it.

Kirk can't believe that this beautiful blonde girl is interested in him, and Molly's brunette sidekick (Krysten Ritter) has to spell it out for him. Soon he's taking her to meet the family, who immediately invite her to strip her clothes off and go for a swim--in the pool his father bought instead of sending Kirk to college. She says she didn't bring a bathing suit, so they say underwear is okay, which prompts the hilarious line, "Underwear would be okay if I were wearing any..."

She's Out of My LeagueShe's Out of My LeagueWhen Kirk meets her parents, things aren't as amicable. They barge in on them while she's grinding on his lap during a kissing session, and his pants have a tell tale stain which he tries to hide by crossing his legs in a totally awkward fashion. Interestingly enough, his best friend's nickname is "Stainer," which turns out to link the two buddies in an earlier bonding.

His lack of self-esteem, as well as the episode with her parents, come between them and he resigns himself to a life of mediocrity with his ex-girlfriend, whom he doesn't love. However, Stainer comes to the rescue at the last minute, and predictably Molly and Kirk fly into each other's arms at the end.

It's a feelgood movie, whose "heart is in the right place," as the promotional blurbs go. Hilariously funny in parts (for instance, the brunette sidekick telling off a fellow airline passenger), this movie is peppered with the F word, so if that turns you off, don't see it. However, as far as the dumbing down of America goes, it's right up there, along with an earlier movie called Idiocracy, starring Luke Wilson. More about that film in a future piece.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. once wrote a short story about a future where excellence in anything is frowned upon and mediocrity is rewarded. Ballet dancers who leap too high are weighed down with lead belts to keep them closer to the ground. The common denominator is everything!

She's Out of My League might offer a ray of hope to all those average guys who reach for the impossible dream, but one wonders when they wake up will they find themselves next to their dream girl in bed, or just with a stain on their underwear.

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Kirk's mediocrity is reinforced by his buddies' putdowns
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