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Hydroponic Hip-Hop: Grower-Approved Rap Lyrics in Songs for Gardening

Method Man is a favorite rapper of growers and non-growers alike. Method Man is a favorite rapper of growers and non-growers alike.


We all know that most rappers love hydroponic crops, but some have been known to slang rhymes about growing itself. Here are some of Rosebud Magazine’s favorite grower-centric lyrics.

The Hill, “Germinate”

When it comes to the growing industry, there isn’t a better musical support system than the one built by California hip-hop crew The Hill. Whether it’s an entire song about gardening gear (“Supplies”), or various strains of flowers (“Plants in the Ground”), The Hill get all the details right on just one EP. Best of all is “Germinate,” which includes this little gem: “I’m sprouting ‘em / Indoor and then it’s out with them.”

Method Man, “Judgment Day”

“Plant the seed, let the garden grow / And stick that rhyme where the sun don’t shine,” Method Man says on the title track of his sophomore solo album. And if you squint your ears hard enough, it almost sounds like Method Man says “stick that thyme,” a medicinal herb that grows in hot, sunny locations, “where the sun don’t shine.” Which would certainly be devastating to a plant that has been cultivated by humans since ancient Egyptians used it for embalming and the Greeks philosophized that it was a source of courage.

MF Doom, “My Favorite Ladies”

Gardening is sexy, and hip-hop has never missed an opportunity to sweet-talk the women of the world. “Fragrance like a flower, subtle and sweet too / Seductive and whatever, it might as well be see-through,” MF Doom raps to open his study on metaphors for women and gardening. Although this strain of comparison should only be taken literally if you’re elbow-deep in dirt

Cypress Hill, “Dr. Greenthumb”

If there was a literal book on growing plants and hip-hop—complete with charts, instructions and gorgeous photos—then B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs would surely be on the author page. Besides, B-Real couldn’t call himself Dr. Greenthumb without getting a doctorate: “The scientifical, mystical one / Growing my crops with the rays of the sun.”

Big K.R.I.T., “Gumpshun”

The best gardening always begins with an idea. The man from Mississippi and one of rap’s best new talents has it right: “Sprinkle game of the greenest, the meanest of flows / Planting seeds in your mentals and leave it to grow.”


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Method Man delivers some lyrics growers can relate to on this track.
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