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Berkman Stil Bangin' with New York Yankees

Lance Berkman is still reliable even at 34 Lance Berkman is still reliable even at 34

When Lance Berkman landed in New York to join the Yankees after over a decade with the Houston Astros, fans in the Big Apple could be sure of at least one thing – the Big Puma would be cracking balls, dinging homers, and menacing outfields across the MLB.

Berkman is a versatile player, having played every position in the outfield as well as first base. He’s also a deadly offensive threat, stepping in as designated hitter when needed, and switch hitting as well.

In the 2010 post-season, Berkman has made his presence felt against the Minnesota Twins. Berkman came up with two big hits and blasted a homerun in Game 2, helping give the Yankees a 5-2 win. The Twins have often been on the wrong end of New York’s consistently tough post-season play, and this year looks like no exception.

Berkman managed 14 homeruns this regular season combined with 58 RBIs. At 34, he’s still pulling his weight, which at 220 pounds, is saying something.

Of course, Berkman isn’t doing it alone. He’s stepping in where he’s needed, the way a veteran is expected to, but the Yankees are getting exceptional performances from some big stars like Andy Pettitte, who has seemed to recover from the injury that slowed his pace at the end of the regular season.

Pitcher Mariano Rivera is also coming up big. Rivera has two saves so far in the series with the Twins, giving him 41 career playoff saves. His total combined career saves, both regular season and post-season, add up to an even 600. Those are the kind of powerhouse numbers that the Yankees brass has long been sure to include in their line-up.

Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, and Derek Jeter are more big name veterans getting the job done for the Yankees.

New York has become home to more than a few long-in-the-tooth ball players who have been able to come up with production when needed. And Berkman is the epitome of the type of player on that list. He’s clearly on the downside of his career, but able to put together a strong game when it matters most. And that’s now, in the playoffs.

With the New York Yankees set to make another run at the World Series in 2010, Lance Berkman is definitely doing his part to ensure that he’s along for the ride. With a supporting cast of baseball players that includes Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, and Mariano Rivera, it’s no surprise to MLB fans that the famous pinstripes appear in yet another playoff race.

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