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Durban and Cape Town Highlight FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010

2010  FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

If you’re a hydroponics gardener or just a baseball-bored sports fan looking askance at another long, hot summer at home, there’s this ball game that everyone else in the world calls football, but North Americans call it soccer…and it’s happening in Durban and other South African cities from June 11th to July 11th during FIFA World Cup 2010.

Soccer hasn’t caught fire in North America as much as it has in the rest of the world, where it’s the number one spectator and participatory sport.

It could be that the game isn’t as television-friendly as American football, or sports like hockey.

Soccer requires a relatively long attention span. It’s 45 minutes of non-stop action with virtually zero time delays, a short break, and then another 45 minutes of non-stop action.

If there was a Soccer Super Bowl, they’d have to cram all the commercials in at half time- because during a soccer game, the action doesn’t stop and start, the ball is almost always in motion, and so are the players.

When you watch FIFA World Cup 2010 you’ll notice that soccer isn’t a high-scoring game, nor is it violent.

Contrast that with MMA, UFC and the NFL, where stop-start action, high-number point scores, and deliberate brutality dominate the show.

Not only that, but FIFA World Cup action isn’t one hometown team versus another in a single winner takes all match.

Instead, FIFA World Cup 2010 features eight groups of 4-5 national teams; each soccer team is comprised of the best players from a particular country, regardless of who they play for professionally.

When you do the numbers and realize there are less than three-dozen countries competing in FIFA World Cup 2010, you wonder what happened to all the other countries in the soccer world. Didn’t they want to be in the FIFA World Cup too?

Well they sure did, and for the last four years FIFA has been conducting preliminary competitions between dozens of country teams, based on geographic location grouping.

Top football, otherwise known as soccer, at FIFA World Cup 2010Top football, otherwise known as soccer, at FIFA World Cup 2010For example, FIFA competed all the teams from

South America against each other, and only the top five of those teams ends up in Durban, Cape Town and other South African World Cup 2010 cities.

So you might say to yourself that now you see what FIFA means by those idealistic television ads with the sizzling, uplifting songs and the message that seeks to unify the world in something positive, for a change.

Indeed, when you look at the Irie vibe, international flavor and zest of FIFA World Cup 2010, it’s refreshing to see that the soccer ethos of elegant solo and team effort, and the clean pleasure of a ball hitting the back of a net- in stark contrast to the ominous blood sports and machine sports (such as WWE & NASCAR) that dominate the USA’s sports menu.

Ironically, although Canada dominated its Winter Olympics, it won’t be there to represent North America at FIFA World Cup 2010. But Mexico and the USA are competing at World Cup 2010, along with perennial favorites like Brazil.

Now look- if you check out the FIFA website and get bitten by the soccer bug, it’s late in the game, so you’ll have to spend $10,000 or more to get primo tickets and lodging in Durban, Cape Town and other South African venues for World Cup 2010.

But I realize that for many of you- especially you Grand Master growers who’ve been diligently tending your World Cup 20,000 watt hydroponics gardens- $10,000 is merely pocket change.

In that case, please enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2010 games for me. The bottom line is, the FIFA World Cup only happens once every four years, and it’s a celebration of all that’s sweetest about sport.

Kind song: K’Naan hits Wavin’ Flag for FIFA World Cup 2010

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