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Sanchez and Giants Stand Tall in World Series

Freddy Sanchez has overcome adversity to become a World Series star. Freddy Sanchez has overcome adversity to become a World Series star.
The pitchers’ duel was supposed to be the highlight of Game 1 of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers, but Giants’ second baseman Freddy Sanchez had other ideas. Sanchez hit three doubles as San Francisco laid waste to Cliff Lee and the Texas bullpen. Lee allowed six earned runs compared to a total of two in his previous three post-season starts this year. Giants’ pitcher Tim Lincecum stepped up to earn the win for his Bay Area club.

The Rangers got out to a good start, taking a 2-0 lead. The Giants managed to tie things up, and then tore the whole match wide open in the fifth with six runs. At the end of the night, the final score was 11-7, giving San Francisco celebrities like Barry Bonds and Joe Montana plenty to cheer about. But on Wednesday night, Freddy Sanchez was the star.

Sanchez arrived in San Francisco last year after several seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Having been a part of that troubled franchise must make playing for the National League champion Giants seem like night and day, but Sanchez has earned his spot on a great team.

The 2006 National League batting champion and three-time all-star worked his way up to the bigs from the minor leagues, starting in Single-A. Sanchez got a real crack at the show in 2003 with the Boston Red Sox, but soon ended up in the Pirates organization. After an ankle injury while playing for the Triple-A Nashville Sounds in 2004, Sanchez finally played his first full season in the MLB in 2005. Just one year later he won the batting championship.

But if coming up through the minor leagues seems like adversity, it’s nothing compared to the obstacles Sanchez had to overcome as a child. Born with a club right foot and a severely pigeon-toed left foot, Sanchez wasn’t ever expected to walk. After undergoing surgery at 13-months old, Sanchez toiled through years of physical therapy as a child before he could walk normally.

Now at age 32, Freddy Sanchez is the standout player in Game 1 of the World Series. The San Francisco Giants got off to an incredible start at home, and can use the momentum of getting to Cliff Lee to propel them forward. But the Texas Rangers aren’t going away without a fight. Vladimir Guerrero and company will be swinging to even the series in their quest for baseball supremacy. Meanwhile, Tim Lincecum, Juan Uribe, and the rest of the Giants know what to expect on these biggest nights of the MLB season, and they'll be ready.

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