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Matt Cain Gets Giants Halfway to Championship

Matt Cain was the winning pitcher in Game 2 of the World Series Matt Cain was the winning pitcher in Game 2 of the World Series

Through seven innings it was anyone’s game, but the bounces just didn’t seem to go the Texas Rangers’ way.  What started as a tight game turned into a blowout in the final two innings with the San Francisco Giants lighting up the Rangers’ bullpen. Matt Cain gets the win and the shutout, while CJ Wilson, despite giving up just one run, goes down as the starting pitcher in a 9-0 drubbing in Game 2 of the MLB World Series of baseball.

If ever there was a sign of how the game would play out, it was in the fifth inning when Ian Kinsler blasted a long ball off Cain that looked like a homerun for sure. But miraculously, the ball bounced off the top of the wall and, somehow, back into play. The Giants managed to get to the bottom of the fifth with the score still tied 0-0.

Then Edgar Renteria stepped up to bat for San Francisco and crushed one out of the partk. Renteria had hit only one homer in three months, but this one was timely. Ironically, the struggling slugger cranked that run off of the Ranger’s Wilson, who gave up just ten homeruns all season. At that point, Texas fans were shaking their heads.

But Wilson and Cain both stepped up and kept it close, and by the time Wilson was pulled out in the seventh inning due to blisters, it was still a one run ball game.

But all that soon changed. The San Francisco Giants went on to score eight runs off the Texas bullpen. What started out as a classic pitcher’s duel ended up in a lopsided defeat.

So what’s next for the Rangers with the series headed to Texas? This is a team who got themselves to the championship series on the strength of their pitching, but almost every Ranger who has pitched in the World Series so far as been subpar. The Rangers are going to have to recapture the lights-out style that earned them a spot in the championship, and they’re going to have to get their bats going, too. As much as the story today is about the bullpen meltdown, you can’t win games without scoring.

Tim Lincecum gets a lot of adulation as the number one pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, but in Game 2 of the MLB World Series, Matt Cain showed that he’s as stalwart as they come. Meanwhile, CJ Wilson, Vladimir Guerrero and the Texas Rangers will have to regroup and take advantage of playing the next baseball games on their own turf.

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