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Top 10: How Hard Is It to Break a Leg in Half?

How Hard Is It to Break a Leg in Half? How Hard Is It to Break a Leg in Half?

Thanks to the internet, we’ve learned that having your shin broken in half is easier than you might think. Here’s a list of videos to prove it.

Remember the first time you saw a viral clip of some poor sap’s leg breaking in half? It blew your mind and weakened your stomach to see a leg doing what only a Twix bar should ever do.

When you reach down and grab a hold of your shin, it seems highly unpleasant to think of that thing snapping like a pencil, but what’s even more mind-boggling is the force you’d think it would take to separate that bone in two. Well, with the help of the internet, we’ve learned that it takes less than you might think to do the job.

Here’s a list of 10 sports incidents that have resulted in floppy shins, with videos to drive the point home.

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10. Tyrone Prothro

Tyrone Prothro’s most famous highlight reel moment was the unbelievable catch he made behind the head of a defender (watch video), but the footage of him lying in the endzone holding onto his foot as it dangles from his leg is almost as memorable (watch video).

9. DeAndre Brown

This one is almost a carbon copy of the previous one, but this time it’s Southern Miss’s DeAndre Brown. (watch video) Once again, an NCAA receiver lies in the endzone clutching his mangled leg. The reaction of the defender isn’t completely visible here, but you can make out a little body language as he offers a hand to the fallen Brown, only to realize that the kid’s leg is messed up to the max, causing the opposing player to do a double pirouette followed by a squat thrust in response.

8.Willis McGahee

Okay, this one doesn’t quite meet the criteria, but it’s hard to overlook in this conversation. So while we’re on the subject of college football players’ legs doing things God never intended, let’s throw in this clip: Willis McGahee’s shins stay in tact, but a human’s knees aren’t supposed to bend that way (watch video).

7, 6, and 5.These are some of the worst leg breaks in the history of video-recorded combat sports. All of them happening in identical ways. Remember that next time you try to kick someone in the leg.

7. MMA Fighter

#7 is this MMA fighter (watch video).

6. Kickboxer

#6 is this anonymous kickboxer (watch video), who has one of the longest running viral videos on the net, dating back to the pre-youtube era.

5. MMA Fighter

#5 is a case of adding, well, injury to injury as this MMA fighter (watch video) takes a couple of punches after his mangled leg wouldn’t hold him up anymore.

4. Sid Vicious

For much of the 20th century, there was a sincere debate about whether or not pro wrestling was fake. In the ‘80s people started to figure out that the outcomes of matches were predetermined, but wrestling apologists defended the athleticism and danger inherent to the pseudo-sport. Okay, so it’s not a competition. But you can still snap your fibia and tibia, as former world champ Sid Vicious (aka Sid Justice aka Sycho Sid) found out. (watch video)

3. Jonathan LaCourt

In France’s Ligue 1 of the the LFP (Ligue de Football Professionel), Kader Mangane delivered a slide tackle to the shin of his friend, Jonathan LaCourt (watch video) . The check effed up Mangane’s pal but good, and the LFP decided to suspend Mangane for the season. Mangane, being the nice guy that he is, initially declared that he would sit out for as long as LaCourt couldn’t play. However, after a month, he changed his tune, calling his suspension an “injustice.” So much for solidarity.

2. Joe Theismann

You can’t talk about this type of sports injury without mentioning Joe Theismann. Years before the internet, this was the most watched broken leg in America. Now, Lawrence Taylor ending Theismann’s career (watch video) is just one of scores of gruesome sports videos on the web, but because it was one of the first in the age of the multi-camera broadcast, it will always be among the most famous.

1. Corey Hill

6’4” 155 lb. UFC fighter, Corey Hill comes into his fights looking so skinny that his bones seem to beg to be broken. Still, the video of Hill’s leg snapping (watch video) is remarkable for a few reasons:
First, even when he goes to step on his leg and it gives way, he remains focused enough to block his opponent’s kick with his hand.
Second, Joe Rogan’s commentary goes from excited to haunting as you hear him screaming frantically from ringside at the ref to stop the fight. His loss of composure adds a whole new dimension of nausea to a devastating injury.
Third, the incident yielded one of the most jaw-dropping sports photos of all time.(view photo)

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