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TV Comedy to Look Forward to in 2011

HBO's Bored To Death features the best cast on television. HBO's Bored To Death features the best cast on television.

In 2010, I found a ton of things to laugh at on TV thanks to old favorites and new shows alike. Some of those will be back in 2011, while others have wrapped up their run. Bored To Death, 30 Rock, The Onion, Peep Show, Community, Modern Family, and other shows on cable networks, big networks, foreign networks - we're in a golden age. Here’s my look at how 2011 will be different, for better and worse, when it comes to television comedy.

Bored to Death

In 2010, just like in 2009, this was one of the best and funniest shows out there. Sporting possibly the best cast on television, HBO’s Bored to Death promises more of its understated humor and sideways detective stories in its third season, slated for later in 2011. The writing on the show is great, but it really is the trio of Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson, and Jason Schwartzman who win the day. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else in those roles.

Peep Show

The UK sitcom wrapped up its seventh season at the tail end of the year. The show is one of the most audacious and side-splitting things on TV and has never faltered since it hit full-stride near the end of its first season. It’s a little tough to track down on TV in North America, but readily available on the internet. The point-of-view style of the show requires a bit of an adjustment, but for fans of keen, edgy humor, this is a must-see show. With no signs of slowing down, 2011 will bring us more of the misadventures of Mark and Jeremy, the most compelling losers on the small screen.



Quickly becoming my favorite sitcom, this savvy quirk-fest follows a community college study group composed of misfits. Community is quick-witted, jammed with pop culture references and meta-humor, and features one of the best ensemble casts of all time. I'm looking forward to keeping up with the second season as it continues into 2011.

The Onion TV shows

The web’s funniest website gets two shows of its own starting in 2011, both continuing its long standing tradition of sending up broadcast news type shows. If Onion Sportsdome and Onion News Network are anything like their internet counterpart, then we’ve got two more can’t-miss shows on our hands.

Modern Family

Even though the mockumentary thing was played out long ago, Modern Family transcends its ho-hum premise with well-defined and appealing characters. The writing is dense enough and funny enough that the show is even able to carry off a few sappy moments, which is saying a lot in this age of cynicism.

30 Rock

One of the most consistent, fast-paced, and jam-packed-with-content shows on television continues its excellent fifth season in 2011. 2010 was a good year for the show, but with rumors of Alec Baldwin’s imminent departure swirling, fans of the show had better get their fill in 2011 while they can. As wonderful as Tina Fey and her supporting cast are, it will take a small miracle for the show to work without Baldwin.

An Idiot Abroad

This hysterical show starring Ricky Gervais’s favorite punching bag, Karl Pilkington, didn’t air in North America in 2010, but will in 2011. So if you missed it last year, make sure to tune in to see the world’s most reluctant traveler head to the world’s seven wonders and offer his unique and painful take on what he sees.

Tim & Eric

TV’s most twisted minds, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have indicated that 2010 signaled their last foray into television for a while. Both the fifth season of their mind-warping anti-comedy nightmare program Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and their bizarre Chrimbus Special were comedy gold, but never fear – the duo are working on a feature film rumored for release in late 2011.

Eastbound & Down

Undoubtedly one of the best shows on TV in 2009 and 2010, Kenny Powers and company have been confirmed for a third season on HBO, but it’s unlikely to arrive in 2011. It was about a year and a half between seasons last time, and that same trajectory combined with lack of news or rumors about the show appearing in 2011 means we’re going to have to wait until 2012 for another chance to hang out with Stevie Janowski.


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