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We Came As Romans Get Dark With New Album & Tour

We Came As Romans prepare to launch a new album and worldwide tour. We Came As Romans prepare to launch a new album and worldwide tour.

We Came As Romans burst onto the music scene in 2009 with their debut full-length To Plant A Seed on Equal Vision Records. That was the culmination of a few years of releasing their own EPs and honing their sound, and it made a huge splash, cracking the Billboard 200 and reaching #25 on the indie charts. Now the band is back with a killer follow up, Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be.

We had the chance to hit up guitarist and founding member Joshua Moore with some questions leading up to the September 13 release of the new record, which also marks the beginning of an impressive tour that takes the band through Canada, across the US, and all the way to Australia and New Zealand.

Rosebud Magazine: At first glance, the new album seems a little darker than the first. The lyrics for “Mis/Understanding” are quite different from something like “To Plant a Seed” for example. Could you tell us about that? What’s different about it compared to the last one? 

Joshua: It's a lot more honest and real, lyrically. To Plant A Seed was just "positive message, 24/7" and Understanding What We've Grown To Be really acknowledges the dark parts of life. It's more about dealing with that and finding a way to fight through it and be happy.

RM: Your upcoming tour takes you all over North America, including parts of Canada. Are you looking forward to hitting the road? 

J: Absolutely! We've toured already with every band on the package and it's going to be awesome being able to tour with our friends again!

I think we all realized and experienced the value of life and what our lyrics and message truly meant to us.

RM: You guys have toured all over the world. Where haven’t you played yet that you would like to? 

J: I'd really like to go to Japan and Russia, I think that would be awesome. South America would be really cool, and I hear we have a lot of fans in Indonesia, as well.

RM: What’s the best, worst, craziest, or weirdest tour story you have?

J: I can never think of any crazy stories to share on the spot! 

RM: You guys have managed to stay super busy between touring and recording. What do you do to relax? 

J: When I'm home, I like to play Call of Duty with my friends, or go out to the bar with my dad, sister, and friends as well.

RM: Joshua, you had a health scare earlier this year. First of all, are you okay now? And second, how did that affect the band as a whole? 

J: I'm definitely okay now, thank you! And it helped us grow a lot as a band and I think we all realized and experienced the value of life and what our lyrics and message truly meant to us. It's easy to forget the important things sometimes, especially when you're as busy and away from home as much as we are.

RM: What three or four bands/artists are getting the most time on your iPod right now?

J: Well, I just got an iPhone and I barely have any music on it! But definitely As Cities Burn is the most played artist. They're my favorite band.

RM: Do you remember the moment that made you want to start making music? What was it?

J: I started playing trombone when I was in fifth grade and I've always loved music. I remember in middle school wanting to start a band and play guitar in it, but it wasn't until high school that I was actually able to.

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Mis/Understanding was the first album released from Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be, the new album from We Came As Romans.
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