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The Top Five Living Room Hydroponic Innovations of 2013

Now you can grow much of your own produce at home. Now you can grow much of your own produce at home.

As the public grows wary of GMOs and the wide range of pesticides our food endures, more and more people are turning to their own gardens to provide for themselves and their families.

For those that live in apartments or without access to green space, this can prove a challenge, one for which hydroponics is the perfect solution. Small companies across America are answering the call through design and innovation, bringing to market five amazing living room hydroponic systems new for 2013.

1. Windowfarms

This vertical hydroponic system features four plastic pots suspended above one another that use a low-energy timed pump to pipe water to the topmost plant.

When the water reaches its destination, it trickles through netted inner pots filled with coco fiber to the plant below and empties into a reservoir to be cycled over and over again.

The Windowfarm system stands upright on its own and relies on natural sunlight provided by just what its name says - a well-lit window. A one-column starter bundle costs $199 and can grow four plants at once.

2. Aquafarm

Indoor aquaponics gets a stylish yet simple makeover from Aquafarm, a three-gallon fish tank topped by a six-pot tray insert. T

he plastic aquarium plugs into the wall in order to cycle the tank's water up to the trays, which are best used to harvest leafy greens and herbs.

Aquafarms offers a complete package including an air pump, all-natural decholrinator, fish food, plant pots, shale rocks, beneficial bacteria to keep the tank clean, a PetCo coupon for one free Siamese fighting fish, and organic wheatgrass, lettuce, and basil seeds from local seed company Seeds Of Change.

The entire system fits perfectly on a kitchen counter top, bookshelf or wide window sill and can be purchase for just $59.99.

3. Aerogrow

A complete counter-top hydroponic system, Aerogrow takes the guess-work out of home hydroponics by controlling every aspect of the growing cycle.

Fitted with an overhead grow light, this compact appliance houses three to seven plants in netted pots, which hang above a nutrient reservoir. When the plants are irrigated, the water flows up and over the pots and any remaining liquid returns to the tank.

Every function is monitored, from pH, nutrient, and water levels to temperature and light cycles. This means that you can leave your Aerogrow if you need to travel for a few days or are not home regularly, but still want homegrown greens in your kitchen. Aerogrow gardens start at $79.95.

4. Bitponics

Bitponics is a real-time Wi-Fi transmitter that relays data between your hydroponic garden and your computer using the internet. The system is engineered to be an all-encompassing hydroponic experience, offering users automated control over the most important aspects of indoor gardening, including pH, water temperature, air temperature, light, humidity, and even electrical conductivity.

Featuring a sleek, white base station with an Apple-esque sheen, two power inlets, and three sensor connections, it takes little more than a few power cords, input jacks, and a good Wi-Fi connection to get your hydroponic garden on the go.

Bitponics sensors adhere to a customized grow plan contained within a digital cloud viewable on any computer, and keep you up to date with scheduled SMS or email logs to notify you of your garden's progress, all for $499.

5. The Blue Green Box

Another take on living room aquaponics, the Blue Green Box serves as an addition to existing aquariums instead of a self-contained unit. When placed above a 10-gallon aquarium, the device cycles the tank's water over four grow beds contained within a rectangular white plastic box.

While it is left to the grower to make the tank suitable for aquaponic food production, those that simply wish to grow flowers can suspend the system over any household fish tank. The Blue Green Box is still advertised on Kickstarter and is available for a contribution over $75.

And coming soon, The Aqualibrium Garden.


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