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Water Numbers: Aquatic Ecosystems, Hydroponic Gardening, and More

  • Written by  Joshua Glazer & Erik Biksa
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Do you know the numbers needed to manage the water in your indoor garden? Do you know the numbers needed to manage the water in your indoor garden?


Check out these numbers related to water both in your hydroponic grow room and around the world. Water is a precious resource that we tend to take for granted, but as growers, we know how important clean water is. We found these numbers fascinating and we think you will, too.


1.5 Gallons of water per minute typically consumed by a water-cooled air conditioner when cycling in a CEA (controlled-environment agriculture) growing setup.


16 The number of people who have gone over Niagara Falls and survived.

23 The percentage of the total solar energy hitting the earth that is used in the evaporation portion of the global water cycle.

66 The average amount of rain, in millimeters, received annually in Death Valley, Calif., the driest place in North America.

100 The average number of liters of water than can be recovered via evaporative condensation every few days from an average 6000W sealed growing operation (CEA). That’s enough to water the crop again, effectively recycling moisture otherwise lost into the air.

176 The average number of gallons of water used daily by a North American, compared to 5, the average number of gallons of water used daily by an African.

276 The average amount of rain, in inches, received annually in Henderson Lake on Vancouver Island, B.C., the wettest place in North America.

2,663 The age, in years, of Dujiangyan in China, the world’s oldest operational irrigation canal.

4,250 The average number of BTUs of water-cooling power typically required per kilowatt of lighting in a CEA grow when accounting for ballast and carbon dioxide generator heat with the lighting.

175,000,000 The estimated amount of money, in dollars, Kevin Costner spent on Waterworld in 1995. Where’s the sequel?

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Water isn’t as abundant as we in North America think it is.
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