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Luxury Travel with Eco-Awareness - Part 1: Indulge with Reckless Abandon

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury to have an eco-friendly travel adventure, like hot air balloon rides at South Africa’s Vuyani Lodge. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury to have an eco-friendly travel adventure, like hot air balloon rides at South Africa’s Vuyani Lodge.

This is not your Mom’s eco travel. Gone are the days of thatch roof huts with no electricity and going back to the land, suffering through simplicity. The hospitality industry has full-scale adopted practices of sustainability, energy reduction, waste management, and going local. While there is still no easy way to know for sure if a resort or hotel is completely eco-minded as there are a handful of dubious green awards and certifications out there, the truth you’re looking for is still in the research and dialogue with each individual hotel or resort. The luxury destinations below have all shown dedication to sustainable practices and a commitment to engaging in their local communities on a deeper level while providing exemplary hospitality and service. Responsible travel takes some dedication and time, but here are a few of the luxurious getaways we reviewed that will keep your indulgent guilt to a minimum.

In part one of our two-part series, we look at a couple of destinations that are on the fringes of the world, where you can keep your life out of the fast lane and firmly focused on adventure.

Destination: Vuyani Lodge – Moditio Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Vuyani LodgeVuyani LodgeFor the traveler who: Wants an intimate moment with big game while having every need attended to.

What you can't experience elsewhere:

  • A completely tailored and personal safari experience
  • Two game drives daily, which include a coffee break in your 4 x 4 while you gaze at hippos
  • Elephant rides, Hot Air Balloon trips, River cruises and golf, every day is high level African adventure

Living Green:

  • Calcemite water purification system that cleans all wastewater; the clean water is then returned to nature.
  • Solar panels currently being added, working toward 100% carbon neutral lodge
  • Energy saving lights and air conditioners throughout
  • Animal awareness with no fencing on the land as wildlife is encouraged to wander through the resort grounds

Link: http://www.vuyanilodge.com/

Destination: Shakti Leti 360˚ - Himalayas, India

360 Leti Gallery360 Leti GalleryFor the traveler who: Likes a little adventure to get to a secluded and serene outpost.

What you can't experience elsewhere:

  • Intimate and personal with only four luxurious glass-walled cabins with private decks
  • Cabins built with age-old techniques using only local materials with contemporary design.
  • Mountain wilderness setting at 8,000 feet in northern Uttaranchal
  • Journey to this Himalayan oasis includes a flight from Delhi, then a drive, followed by an hour-long, gentle hike.
  • Solitude, peace, time to contemplate snowcapped peaks, yoga practice, and guided walks through the mountains.

Living Green:

  • Gourmet restaurant that serves locally sourced food.
  • Primarily solar-powered
  • Dedicated creative waste management despite lack of recycling infrastructure; for example, all food waste is used as animal feed
  • Integration of local communities, including support of local dance tradition through performances, training, and costumes

Link: http://www.shaktihimalaya.com/himalaya-tourism/360-leti/


Whether you choose to relax in the Himalayas or get in touch with your animalistic side, either of these vacation spots will engage you in a side of yourself you may be missing. We’re putting in time sourcing the best green living luxury can offer, so you can go find your adventure.

Stay tuned to RosebudMag.com for Part 2 of ­­ Luxury Travel with Eco-Awareness, where we look at three more incredible getaways.

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Just one example of the types of animals you might encounter on a trip to Vuyani Lodge, South Africa.
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