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How to handle travel disasters

  • Written by  Athanikar
travel disasters travel disasters

Your bags are packed. You're raring to go – across that ocean, the green forests, the distant border - to a far away location in a new country. Exciting new adventures and hot business deals await you. You are geared up for an exciting travel experience. While some trivial things can take away the fizz from your eager plans, some tough situations can completely ruin your tour. Travel disasters are unexpected and most of us are usually unprepared to deal with them.

Most travel disasters can be avoided with a little homework and some on ground sharp thinking. Here are some possibilities that could catch you by surprise. Read on and be prepared to emerge as the winner if these situations ever crop up.


A lost passport can be  replaced at your nearest embassyA lost passport can be replaced at your nearest embassy

You passport is lost

Right in the midst of a blissful exotic vacation or a business trip to a foreign land, to your utter dismay you realize that you are without your passport. You may panic and lose it. But how is it going to help you solve the problem at hand?

A mishap like this is best avoided by leaving your passport in a secure place like your hotel safe, especially if your host country does not require you to have your passport on you at all times. Keep photocopies of your passport – one with you and one back at home with a friend who can fax them if required. And if you do lose your passport, rush to your nearest embassy / consulate to get a replacement.


Know essential phrases  in the local languageKnow essential phrases in the local language

You are lost and you don't know the local language

Losing your way when exploring exotic locales is quite a possibility. But the problem escalates when you don't speak the local language. When you go to a new place, grab your hotel card before venturing out so that locals can help you find your way back. Familiarize yourself with the area around your hotel before you go out on any expedition. Get a guidebook. Its language section will have enough phrases to help you when you are lost - a few phrases can save you a lot of unwanted hassle. Be aware that you are just lost and there is no immediate danger. Don't panic, you'll just attract the wrong set of people. Police or public officials are the best people to seek help from.


Be alert and smart to  avoid getting robbedBe alert and smart to avoid getting robbed

Someone robs you

Robbery is one of the most common crimes. But when you are out of your comfort zone, in an unknown land, it can be a severe jolt to your travel plans.

Be smart and alert. Minimize any potential damage by storing money and valuables smartly. Don't club them all together as a piñata for a thief. A money belt, where you can keep some handy cash and an extra credit card, is a life saver in case you are robbed. You just need to avoid the temptation of spending from it beforehand! And in case you do get robbed, cancel your credit cards immediately and try getting them replaced. Most credit card companies have offices across the globe. Use this to your advantage. Report the theft to local authorities - vital for getting credit card replacements claiming insurance.


What’s legal in your  country may be illegal in anotherWhat’s legal in your country may be illegal in another

You get arrested

This travel mishap is best avoided completely. Going to jail is no joke. And going to jail in a foreign land spells sure doom. Be sure you read up on local laws of the place you are visiting. Once again, make sure you buy a guidebook that apprises you on the laws of the land. In the worst scenario, if you do get arrested, inform your embassy immediately. They can put you in touch with a local lawyer and give you some much needed guidance.




Missing a flight can be  costlyMissing a flight can be costly

A missed flight

If it's the airline's mistake, relax. Except for the delay, you don't have much to worry about. It's their duty to take you to your destination. However, if you missed the flight due to your negligence, it will burn a hole in your pocket. Check out the price options and deals online and with travel agents and make best of the situation at hand. Get a traveler's insurance policy that covers missed flights. Be sure you read the fine print in all policy documents. If you aren't insured, make sure you reserve some emergency cash or credit for such travel mishaps.

Be sure to do your homework before you start your trip and follow some simple common sense rules to keep yourself out of most trouble. Some travel disasters can never be planned for - like your cruise being chased by sea pirates! But for all other situations, it's best to be prepared. Once you manage the ordeal, you'll have an interesting story to share. Bon voyage!

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