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Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2010

Our list of top travel destinations for 2010 Our list of top travel destinations for 2010

If you have already made a list of travel destinations to visit this year, you may want to reconsider it after checking out our recommendations!  The places listed here are not to be missed; some of the most exciting events at these destinations are set to happen exclusively in 2010. Check out our suggestions, and make 2010 as memorable as it can get!

FIFA World Cup, South Africa

FIFA World Cup 2010: Feel the South African spiritFIFA World Cup 2010: Feel the South African spiritThe 2010 FIFA World Cup couldn't get more exciting than this year! The soccer event is providing an excellent opportunity for fans of the game and South Africa to plan a trip to the country. The game venue is the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg that has been made bigger with 94,700 seating capacity for the World Cup. It has been spectacularly revamped and renamed the Soccer City Stadium! The event is set to kick off on June 11. It’s also going to be a feast for art lovers, as art galleries there are exhibiting great works to give tourists glimpses of South Africa's cultural heritage. Conversing with the locals in their regional language may not be possible. But, you can familiarize yourself with a few regional words such as china (good friend), lekker (nice) and howzit (hello) that can add friendly touch to your conversation.


Peking to Paris Motor Challenge

Peking to Paris Motor Challenge: Knock the doors of adventurePeking to Paris Motor Challenge: Knock the doors of adventureThe 2010 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge starts in Beijing (Peking), China on September 10th this year, and will then pass the Great Wall of China, cross Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy and end in Paris on October 16th. This adventurous motor challenge is set to cover the distance of 14,569 kilometers. Fill up the entry forms and get your classic cars ready. Most of the participants use vintage cars in the race; many of the participants bring cars that are even pre-1922. This year’s motor challenge will be the fourth edition in the history of the race. The first race took place in 1907. The race will definitely give you an adventurous break, if you have been looking for one!



Total eclipse from Easter Island, Polynesia

Easter Island: Magnificent place to witness this year’s total eclipse Easter Island: Magnificent place to witness this year’s total eclipse Witness nature’s glory from Easter Island, Polynesia (a special territory annexed to Chile) on July 11th. The experience of beholding the total eclipse from this extraordinary island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean will be a unique one. The eclipse will shadow the island for more than 4 minutes. Easter Island is famous for its iconic Moai statues of flat nosed primitive heads and armless torsos; some of them almost 33 feet in height. You would definitely love to capture the mysterious look of the landscape with gigantic stone statues, while the eclipse takes place; make sure to keep your cameras handy!




Burning Man Festival, Nevada

Burning Man festival: Be creative, and destructive!Burning Man festival: Be creative, and destructive!Nevada’s Black Rock Desert is the favourite place of thousands of people to gather every year. They are there to create Black Rock City as part of the Burning Man festival – a dedication to community, self-reliance and self-expression. It is an extraordinary event to participate, and let your imagination fly wide in the desert. And, make sure that you go there as a participant; no one is allowed to be a spectator at the event. The festival is for those creative souls who fancy painting themselves in blue or red, or turning their car into a dinosaur. This year’s art theme for the festival is Metropolis- the Life of Cities. Participants will be eagerly inspecting city life and its future by creating various art forms that they will destroy at the end of the festival.  The climax, of course, is setting fire to a gigantic, wooden effigy of a man! Have the burning desire to invent something, and destruct it later? The Burning Man festival is the perfect place for you!


Pushkar Camel Fair, India

Pushkar Camel Fair: Chorus and chaos are analogous here!Pushkar Camel Fair: Chorus and chaos are analogous here!Pushkar is a small pilgrimage town in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India. It is the hub of hundreds of camels and their owners during the fair. This spectacular event will be in November this year. Chaos and colors are the prominent characteristics of Pushkar fair. The noise of camel snorts, sound systems and rides is remarkable. The hot balloon flights have also been one of the attractions of the fair. The balloons fly over the beautiful Pushkar Lake and sand dunes of the desert. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture the colors of Pushkar in your camera.  Pushkar is full of camels, horses, film crews, tourists and tribal people during the festival. And, of course, the perfect place for you, if you are in the market for a camel!

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