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How to Connect with Potential Employers

Connecting with potential employers takes time but is well worth the effort. Connecting with potential employers takes time but is well worth the effort.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 13.9 million people in the United States are unemployed. An additional 8.4 million have had their hours reduced and are currently “involuntary part-time workers.” In this tough economic situation, the competition for jobs is fierce. If you are one of the millions searching for a job, no doubt you’ve experienced the frustration and hopelessness that comes along with it. Learning how to connect with potential employers is essential – and not as challenging as you may think.


The best job search tactic is to be positive, proactive, and productive. Research is a critical element of the job search process. It helps you identify companies that are hiring in your field, learn the best ways to find potential employers, and how to prepare for interviews. All of this takes time and effort – but hey, if you’re unemployed you’ve got nothing but time.

Job Fairs

Attend any and all job fairs in your area. You’ll meet with a variety of employers and representatives from different companies that you might not otherwise have had access to. Many job fairs offer networking programs, resume reviews, and workshops to help narrow down your skills. Whether it’s a “real-life” career expo, or an online “virtual fair,” you’ll interact with several potential employers, learn valuable job-seeking tips, and distribute your resume.

Online Job Search Resources

If you have access to the internet, you have access to multiple job search resources. Job search websites provide listings on a daily basis, so check them often. The top-rated search sites include:

  • Careerbuilder.com
  • Monster.com
  • Simplyhired.com
  • Craigslist.com
  • Indeed.com


These sites also give job recommendations based on your resume, so make sure you have relevant information listed on yours.

Social Network Sites

In today’s web-wild society, it’s becoming more common to use social media to find work. Although they aren’t all specifically geared to job searching, business and social networking sites should not be overlooked.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows you to communicate with hiring managers and set up a network of contacts. Once you’re set up (easy and free), you can search for companies you’re interested in working for and find out who the hiring manager is. You can also “follow” a company to keep track of events and see who’s being hired and why. This information can help you when contacting the company for an interview, and be prepared for what might be expected of you.

Using Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter can also be to your professional advantage – if you use them wisely. According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive for Careerbuilder.com, 35% of employers decided not to offer a job to candidates based on content found on their networking site. So before you post a negative comment about a past employer, or upload provocative photos of yourself (the biggest factor for passing on hiring a candidate), think about how a potential employer might react.

Additional Job Search Ideas

  • Newspaper Classifieds
  • Neighborhood Bulletin Boards
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Church Groups
  • College or University Bulletin Boards

One of the keys to finding a job is diversifying your search methods. With time and effort, you will find numerous ways to connect with potential employers. Are you on the lookout for employers when you’re in restaurants, on the golf course, or at charity events? If you see someone handing out business cards, do you approach and ask for one? Don’t be afraid to tell people you’re looking for a job. Employers like initiative, so use every opportunity to introduce yourself. Using each of these methods will increase your chances of once again being employed.

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