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New Report Indicates We’re Living in a Chemical Soup!

We’re Living in a Chemical Soup! We’re Living in a Chemical Soup!

Ever found yourself sitting in traffic in a particularly creative state of mind, seeing the fumes emanating out of vehicle tailpipes, and suddenly understanding that you’re literally trapped in a smoggy soup of visible and invisible toxins?

Well guess what…not only are you breathing in potentially harmful chemicals, you’re also eating them, drinking them and absorbing them through your skin.

And if you’re a guy, you’ve got even more to worry about because some of the gunk you’re taking in via the water supply includes massive amounts of estrogen from discarded birth control and women’s urine.

What’s so bad about being dosed with female hormones? Oh, just shrunken testicles, limp penises, man boobs, lowered sperm counts.

Safety Last

The CDC used a variety of testing methods to find out how many of us are infused with any or all from a list of 212 chemicals, many of which have been found to cause cancer and other damage to major organ systems in your body.

Unfortunately, the CDC indicates that most Americans are carrying ALL 212 chemicals in their bodies.

Some of the most troubling findings involve a chemical known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which causes liver disorders, immune system weakness, infertility and general reproductive problems.

PFOAs are gifts to us from 3M and DuPont. Perhaps you remember those advertisements for “safe, non-stick cookware?” The marketing plan for this was to get people to become annoyed that stainless steel, iron and other cookware sometimes collects stains or baked-on food.

Gosh, it could mean soaking the cookware overnight and having use your muscles to scrub the cookware clean! Non-stick cookware was the miracle cure for this huge “problem.” And when consumers asked if the non-stick coating was toxic, they were laughed at.

Well, now we know the other side of the story. For the sake of a few minutes “convenience” and less scrubbing, was it really worth compromising our health?

Who Loves Chemicals?

When you scratch the surface of our chemical pollution problems you usually find they start with public health threats that benefit large corporations.

In some cases, the corporations hire lobbyists who assist the government in drafting legislation requiring that products contain specific chemicals, some of which are known to be toxic.

Such is the case with polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDEs). Government mandates require these flame retardants be used in clothing, bedding and many other products.

As with most of these chemical problems, the most frequent victims are our children- because children’s bodies more rapidly absorb and assimilate chemicals.

So picture your child wearing a flame retardant jumper, lying in a crib and bedding laden with PDEs. Sad to say, your child is absorbing harmful amounts of the flame retardants, which can cause thyroid failure, brain disease, liver-kidney damage. In adults, PDEs cause all those problems, along with sexual dysfunction.

If you or your children are into junk food, you’re adding more than just the damaging fats, sugars and salt to your body that you already know junk food contains.

You’re also adding acrylamide- a potent carcinogen that comes when you fry or cook food at high temperatures. Chomping on some burgers, fries, fried chicken, donuts, or drinking a cup of coffee, helps you achieve your daily toxin level of acrylamide.

And if you already wised up and stopped eating junk foods, you’re still not safe- acrylamides are present in plastic, cosmetics and many other materials. The possible result: cancers and neurological diseases.

If you’re fond of drinking soft drinks from plastic cups or cans, you’re getting dosed with Bisphenol A, which is similar to PDEs in its harmful effects.

And of course, the CDC found that we’re drowning in a sea of mercury, a powerful toxin that’s literally raining down on the entire earth, entering our bodies, our oceans and the food chain, creating health risks and environmental catastrophes that go hand in hand.

You don’t get mercury toxicity from handling intact thermometers. Mercury poisoning comes to you courtesy of the coal industry, gold mines, cement production, smelters, and eating seafood. China is the world’s leading producer of mercury pollution.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

There are various ways you can protect yourself from chemical pollutants:

  • Engage in a regular program of heavy metals/chemicals detoxification
  • Avoid materials, foods and other substances known to contain these chemicals
  • Build or retrofit your house with natural, safe materials
  • If you live near a coal mine, coal-fired electricity plant, or in a polluted city, you may well have to relocate.
  • Be aware of chemical-industry lobbying and chemical-pushing legislation and work to ban harmful chemicals from the environment. Advocate for clean-ups of toxic waste dumps and the shutdown of industrial polluters.

The bottom line is that we are flooded with chemicals that aren’t good for us. In your hydroponics garden, you can decrease chemical sources by removing carpet (even if you’ve covered it with a tarp, and by using environmentally-safe paint (instead of regular paint that produces off-gassing when heated).

You can also use high-tech filtration systems so your intake air is cleaner, which will make your plants happier.

Here’s to hoping that the CDC report will result in a renewed push to remove toxic chemicals from our clothing, food, kitchenware, homes, fuels, air and water.

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