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The new ozone layer

A man gets his feet treated by ozone bagging. A man gets his feet treated by ozone bagging.

The haze of opinions surrounding the use of ozone in the medical and therapeutic contexts is as unstable as the triatomic ozone molecule itself. An allotrope of oxygen, ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms. This fast disappearing layer from the atmosphere has shot down to earth following increasingly popular claims of its miraculous healing properties and curative powers. The practice of ozone therapy dates back to the late nineteenth century; the Florida Medical Association published research on the therapeutic uses of ozone in 1885.

Ozone is widely accepted as a disinfectant; over 3000 municipalities use it to clean their water and sewage. Its therapeutic uses are popular in Germany and Russia, among other countries. However, the FDA banned ozone therapy in the 1940s and continues to do so. Even prescribing ozone therapy to patients can cause doctors to lose their license.

An ozone body suit exposes you to ozone therapy from head to toeAn ozone body suit exposes you to ozone therapy from head to toeOzone therapy includes a range of non-invasive and invasive applications. On the simpler side, it could just be an ozone bath for the whole body or for one specific part. This involves slipping into an ozone body suit or using an ozone bag to cover a body part for a short period of time. Ozone body suit treatments are usually preceded by a warm bath to open the body pores and facilitate better absorption. Consuming ozonated water is also a much-followed technique, since water ozonators are easily available and can be operated at home.

Another popular treatment is autohemotherapy, where a small quantity of blood is withdrawn from the body, immediately treated with ozone and an anticoagulant, before being re-injected. European physicians have used autohemotherapy for a few decades now. Ozone insufflation, where doses of therapeutic ozone are delivered through the rectum, vagina or ear, is another common technique.

Ozone, despite its newfound fame as the solution to many compelling maladies, most popularly cancer and AIDS, will always remain dangerous to inhale. And some experts suggest that there’s more to this than a sniffing nose. Concerns against ozone therapy particularly target the more invasive methods, such as autohemotherapy.  For every gushing ozonated-happily-ever-after tale one might find, there is a gory horror story in which both ill and healthy people who availed of ozone therapy have been assailed by dangerous side-effects. It is not uncommon for these stories to end in death. Though the reasons for death included the use of suspect chemicals other than ozone by uncertified therapists in many cases, one is unsure whether this means a clean chit for ozone therapy.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely for informative purposes. Rosebud does not endorse any of the therapies described above. We strongly urge you to consult your local doctor before trying out any of these therapies.

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