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Weight Loss for Women and Men

excerise more and adjust your lifestyle to be more fit excerise more and adjust your lifestyle to be more fit

Believe it or not, warm weather is coming, and men and women naturally think about weight loss to get rid of winter fat for spring and summer fun.

Many people watch in horror from October to March as their bodies gain weight. On average, we gain 5-30 pounds during the cold months. Holiday foods, lack of outdoor activities and Nature’s desire to protect us from cold by adding on a layer of fat all contribute to the alarming fat trend many of us experience.

Fortunately there are safe, effective ways to achieve weight loss, but we must start by remembering that numbers on a scale aren’t a 100% certain way of knowing whether you’re wearing extra fat or not.

For that you need to go to a health club or doctor’s office and have a lean muscle mass/body fat percentage test. Muscle weighs more than fat, so in some circumstances you could work out, lose fat, add muscle and see your scale numbers stay the same or even increase.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten fatter. It means you’ve added muscle, which weighs more than fat.

Being overweight with fat is kind of easy to see. If you can pinch more than half an inch of gelatinous flesh around your mid-section, if your clothes are too tight, if people are telling you you’ve gained fat weight…you probably have.

Height and weight charts are somewhat helpful but they’re too generic. There is no one ideal weight for a specific height, especially because fat and muscle weigh in differently.

What you should be concerned about more than just the issue of fat is how much lean muscle do you have, how strong are you, how well do you move, are you in good aerobic condition.

But if you indeed are wearing too much fat, that’s not good. Fat stores toxins, strains your heart, overloads your musculoskeletal system and slows you down.

Plus, fat wants to live…it has a “mind” of its own. When you’ve got extra fat on you, the fat generates a heavier appetite. It wants you to eat more. And because fat loves fat, what fat wants you to eat is more fat.

The typical American junk food/fast food diet is happy to give you all the fat you want. In fact, most all the junk food/fast food you eat is comprised of a recombined, artificially-flavored food substitute.

It’s a slurry of sugar, salt and fats- engineered to seem to be food but lacking in vital nutrients and loaded with toxins, preservatives, empty calories and of course, fat.

The cold fact is that fast food/junk food are killers. Just check out the movies Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me. You’ll get the picture.

Most of us look for quick fixes for life’s problems, and nowhere is this more evident than in our quest for fitness and an end to fatness.

People turn to pills, especially drugs like speed, to burn off their fat, reduce their appetite, or give them extra energy so they can do activities that burn fat.

Unfortunately many of these pills have harmful side effects and they’re addictive. Worse  yet, when you stop taking them, you gain back the fat you lost.

Similarly, when people turn to fad diets, they might see weight loss as long as they adhere to the diet’s rigid plan, but as soon as they start eating like they want to and like they normally do, they gain the weight back.

Actually, the way to experience weight loss and keep it off is a lifetime endeavor consisting of intelligent food choices, proper eating habits, aerobic exercise, and willpower.

Here’s the simple formula:

  • Work out for at least 30 minutes per day  5-7 days per week. For the workout to be effective, it has to elevate your resting pulse rate to at least 70% higher than normal, and your heart rate has to stay at the elevated rate without interruption for the entire 30 minutes. Running, spinning, bicycling, martial arts, rebounding and other strenuous activities that increase your heart rate will burn fat during the activity and for several hours afterwards. Stop/start sports like golf and tennis are good for muscle building and have other benefits, but if you want a truly fat-burning workout, the amount and duration that you increase your resting pulse rate is the key.
  • Eat mostly fruits, vegetables (preferably organic) and healthy grains while avoiding fats, sugars, salts, junk foods/fast foods. You can still eat lean meat sometimes. But unless you mostly avoid dairy, flesh foods, processed foods, and obvious fatty-makers such as McDonald’s milk shakes, you will wear the fat you eat.
  • Don’t eat within three hours of when you’re going to sleep. If you go to sleep at 11 pm, don’t eat after 8 pm.
  • Drink more water. Not bottled water, which is a waste of money and a huge plastic polluter. Drink distilled water, which you can make yourself. Distilled water is the purest water there is. You can get a quality home distiller here: http://www.amazon.com/Water-Distiller-Countertop-Enamel-Collection/dp/B00026F9F8
  • Fast periodically to clean your system and give your intestines a rest. Fasting for 24-72 hours while drinking nothing but distilled water is an interesting experience that gives your digestive tract time to flush out all the accumulated garbage that clogs your intestines and creates a ripe environment for colon cancer and other problems. A 1-3 day fast every two months is a good health tool.
  • Avoid booze and other empty calories.
  • Chew your food more slowly and carefully. Each mouthful of food should be chewed 25 times before swallowing.
  • Eat more slowly. Savor the taste of the food. Try to make eating more meaningful, perhaps even a family social ritual like eating used to be.
  • Weight loss is easier when you do 1-3 day flushes using flushing formulas that contain fiber, capsaicin, ginger and other substances that assist in digestive system cleansing and natural weight loss. Ask at your health store about these formulas, which usually cost $20-40 for a 15-day supply.
  • Enlist support from lovers, family and friends. Changing your eating habits, exercising more and adjusting your lifestyle to be more fit and less fat requires massive willpower and discipline. You want people to encourage you, to watch out for you, and to give you props as you work your plan.

So there you have it…a simple but workable program that removes fat from you, adds muscle, lowers cholesterol, fits diabetes and makes you look and feel better.

There’s no magic bullet that brings weight loss to men and women, even though that’s what the diet charlatans and drug/supplement companies try to sell you. Weight loss is a matter of changing habits, expectations, and food choices. It’s a matter of dedication and perseverance. You can experience weight loss and a healthier body!

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