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The Hydroponics of Sex, Dating, Love & Romance

Use hydroponics wisdom to avoid a bad first date Use hydroponics wisdom to avoid a bad first date

As a hydroponics grower, you are all about planning, evaluating, getting new info, and matching your hydroponics maximum yield goals to the materials, methods and situations you have. The same is true for sex, dating, love and romance.

Voila…it’s the hydroponics of love. How can you make love grow, and how can you avoid sex and dating mistakes. Yes indeed, here’s how it works…

Our first topic in this series is what I call “before the first date.” This is before you have had your first formal sit-down date with someone. What can you do to make sure it’s a great first date and how do you know ahead of time if there’s even a possibility of romance, sex or love from that date?

Just follow your already-developed instincts and skills you’ve learned as a hydroponics grower, and you’re on the right track…

As in, before you plant a hydroponics garden, you look at where you live, how much time you have, how much money you have, how much space you have, how much hydroponics knowledge you have, and what you expect out of your hydroponics gardening. The same holds true for what you do before the first date.

Try this: instead of going solely on sex appeal, workplace compatibility, or the recommendations of a friend as your main decision inputs, talk to the person you want to date, and find out the basics about them before you make the restaurant reservations.

After all, investing in a first date costs you time, money, planning and emotional expenditure. So why go on a first date without first knowing if you even want to get to know the person further?

In practical terms, it’s like this…my hydroponics grower friend Josie was attracted to a guy and looking for some sex, love, dating and romance. But before she committed to a first date, she asked the guy one simple question: How do you feel about hydroponics plants?

When the guy told her he hated hydroponics plants and had a lot of dislike for people who grew them, she realized that her attraction for the guy was misplaced. Just think if she had gone out with the guy and then found out he dislikes hydroponics! Lots of pain could have been in store for her, but she avoided it.

On another occasion, a Grand Master grower named Carl related to me how he was “in love with” and “had the hots for” a sultry blonde who worked at the hydroponics store. Standing there in the store, he’d done some preliminary talking with the lady, finding out she was pleasant, young and seemed to have sex, love and romance on her mind.

He intended to ask her out on a first date. Which for him was a pretty big step because he was not just looking for meaningless, casual sex like many guys are, he was looking for a girlfriend who could be wife material.

Before he asked her out on the first date, he inquired about her past relationships and found out that she had a jealous ex-husband, and custody of two young children. Carl knew that jealous ex-husbands and young kids don’t mix well with Grand Master hydroponics gardening, so he pulled the plug on his first date idea.

If you go on a first date, remember these very useful tips…

He’s still friends with the hydroponics store lady, and he saved himself from finding out on an expensive first date that he could never live with the lady due to complications from her married past.

It’s all pretty much common sense when you apply the logic and planning of hydroponics to love, sex, dating and romance. Do your homework ahead of time. Know what you want. Know your limitations. Don’t let your desires get the best of you. Be practical and safe. That way, you get a good harvest…from your first date, your love life and your hydroponics lifestyle.

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