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Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Girl(s) You Love

Valentine’s Day hydroponics flowers are even more fun than roses! Valentine’s Day hydroponics flowers are even more fun than roses!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the woman (or women) you love will love you more if you put some creativity into your choice of Valentine’s Day gifts. Sure you can do perfume, chocolates, lingerie, flowers and other “typical” gifts, but you can also put more thought into it, and she’ll love you for it. So here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will warm her heart:


Send her an E-card: Paper cards are required for Valentine’s Day, but online e-cards are often more versatile, customizable, and fun. They may have digital animation, music, different fonts, etc. Give her a paper card and an e-card this Valentine’s Day.

Street Defense Martial Arts: Get her a Valentine’s Day gift certificate to pay for street defense female-centered martial arts training. Make sure to check out the trainer first because many martial arts trainers are unskilled or worse. Talk to women clients of the trainer to check if the trainer really knows how to train women for street defense. The way things are these days, a women needs to be able to destroy any attacker, anytime.

Tigerflag Natural Skin Perfumes: Most perfumes contain chemicals that aren’t good for a girl’s skin or health. Tigerflag is one of few perfume companies that uses high quality natural essences and bases like rosewater, jasmine and plumeria. I also recommend Love + Toast natural perfumes. Perfume is a Valentine’s cliché, but with these unique perfumes, your gift will be more appreciated.

Get her the book “Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking,” by Charlene M. Proctor. This powerful book is especially good for younger women who need to find strength in this hard world.

Good Vibrations: A gift certificate from Good Vibrations, the world’s most famous female sexual pleasure store, is sure to make Valentine’s Day (and evening) a smokin’ hot time for both of you!

Rolex Datejust Diamonds and White Gold edition: A fine Rolex women’s watch will put a smile on her face this Valentine’s Day and any time your lady wears it. This Datejust watch has glowing solid gold, and brilliant diamonds like stars in the sky. The famous Rolex reliability makes this a Valentine’s Day gift that lasts for generations. And as Rosebudmag.com writer Nigel Salazar says, only buy Rolex from an authorized Rolex dealer. Counterfeit Rolex and fake Rolex watches are an epidemic plague on our earth. Rolex watches for women that cost less than $7000 are boring, but when you spend $7000 or more, you get enough gold, diamonds and style to make the watch a lifetime investment that will increase in value.

Natural bath salts and bubble bath: Women love the luxury of relaxing in perfumed bubbly hot water and easing their cares away, and it definitely puts them into a romantic mood. Check with your local natural health products store to get bath salts and bubble bath that are free of chemical dyes and other yucky additives. This is a classic Valentine’s Day gift.

Fine, pure South American chocolate: When you get regular chocolate gifts, especially from a grocery store or similar outlet, it can be boring for your lady. Generic chocolate has artificial flavors, colors and fillers. Score some Colombian, Venezuelan, Ecuadorian or other primo chocolate at an online store like worldwidechocolate. Remember, chocolate is an aphrodisiac, which makes it especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Sunlighten Far Infrared Sauna: There are saunas, and then there are far infrared saunas. Far infrared is superior to regular saunas, and of all the companies that make far infrared saunas, Sunlighten far infrared are the ones with the purest materials, best energy efficiency and the best warranties. Sunlighten far infrared saunas send healing wavelengths deep into her body for stimulation of blood flow, bone marrow, cellular processes, and detoxifcation. She also gets total relaxation and relief from pain. Sunlighten saunas fit any budget or space, and they’ll give you for a really warm, sensual and healthy-sweaty experience this Valentine’s Day.

Ruger P Series 9MM Semi-Automatic Handgun: Sometimes you have a woman in your life who is so hot, or lives in such a sketchy area, that you want her to be lethal when human wolves try to attack. Depending on the size of her hand, a Ruger might do the trick. Hands-on buying is best for guns, so it might not be a Valentine’s Day surprise, but it will ensure many happy romantic days for years to come.

Succulent, tasty, potent flowers: Almost every guy has given a woman flowers for Valentine’s Day, but hello…why not give her special hydroponics flowers that you grew yourself? Think about the most favorite things she wants from hydroponics flowers, and then make sure she knows you’ve given her the top of the hydroponics crops.

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Lingerie: This is such a classic Valentine’s Day gift that I almost left it off the list because it’s been done to death…and because it’s hard to buy lingerie for a woman as a surprise- it’s way better to have her there shopping with you online or in an actual store than for you to try to figure it out on your own. Sizing can be a problem if you’re guessing at it without her presence, and lingerie sales are often final.

No matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, whether it be chocolates, perfume, dinner, hydroponics flowers or a vacation to Aruba, do it with creativity, personality and sincerity. It’s the one holiday of the year that celebrates romantic love!

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