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Pickup Lines That Actually Work

Focus on starting conversations, not handing out lame pickup lines. Focus on starting conversations, not handing out lame pickup lines.

“So, do you come here often?” Come on, guys – does this line ever work? For some reason, despite the lack of positive response the pickup line generates, it still remains a popular way to try and get girls. The standard classics (“Hey, baby, what’s your sign?) are generally not good for anything except maybe a laugh, and the offensive ones run the risk of having a drink thrown in your face. So are there any pickup lines that actually work?

Yes and no. The truth is pickup lines in and of themselves have a negative connotation. The cheesy and clichéd one-liners have really run their course and aren’t very effective. You may get a smile out of her if you use a unique and creative line she hasn’t heard before, but chances are you’ll still be going home alone. What you want to focus on are ways to break the ice without sounding corny or canned. If she thinks you’ve used your line on 100 girls before her, she isn’t going to be impressed.

One of the best ways to start a conversation with a woman is to establish common ground. To do this, you need to be observant, and a little bit smart. For example, “Are those Jimmy Choos? My sister loves those. Maybe you can explain better than she can what’s so great about them.” (Make sure you actually have a sister – just in case the relationship goes further than the club.) If you’re in the park and see a woman walking her dog, you might say “Hey, nice boxer! I used to have one of these growing up. They have tons of energy, don’t they?” Get the point? These types of ice-breakers are non-threatening ways to approach women that establish a common point of interest right away.

If you are out with a bunch of buddies, you can use the “help solve our bet” pickup line. Leaving your group of friends, approach a woman and ask for her help for a moment. Tell her that your friends have a bet going on and wonder if she’d settle it. “My friends think women like My Best Friend’s Wedding better than Pretty Woman. My money’s on the working girl. Which do you like?” The key here is to have a response for whichever answer she gives you so the conversation keeps going. If she does happen to agree with you, offer to buy her a drink with the money you just won from your pals.

One other thing to remember: less is more. Don’t think you have to rehearse an elaborate 3-hour script before you try and talk with a woman. Research has shown that a simple “Hi, my name is -” works much better than a contrived pickup line. Just be honest, and be yourself. Tell the woman you think she’s beautiful and you’d like to get to know her better. Odds are this will go over much better than “Is your dad a terrorist? ‘Cause you’re The Bomb.”

The key is in the delivery. You need to be charming and confident – without coming off as cocky. If you make it seem like this girl should thank her lucky stars you’re talking to her, she’s going to leave you so fast it’ll make your barstool spin. Pickup lines that work are the ones that are honest, clever, and encourage conversation. Engage the girl with something witty or interesting and you’ll have much better chances of getting her number rather than the cold shoulder.

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