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The Art of the Kiss: Your Guide to the Romance of Kissing

Is your kiss naughty or nice? Is your kiss naughty or nice?

Kissing is more intimate than you can imagine. It’s often a prelude to sex. Some people kiss each other on the cheeks as a form of greeting or goodbye. We’re not talking about that kind of kissing.

We’re talking about the kind of kissing that caresses the roof of your mouth, wraps you up in cosmic consciousness, raises your heart rate, tickles your fancy, and leads to even more intimate encounters.

A kiss between lovers is an exchange of breath and bodily fluids. Even if you don’t open your mouth. You know there are millions of beneficial bacteria in a properly-maintained hydroponics root zone, right? Well there are also lots of bacteria in your mouth, on your teeth and tongue, in between your teeth, on your gums.

And guess what? They’re not all beneficial microbes.

So the first step in the art of the kiss is to read the “how to find a good dentist” article here on the Rosebud website.

Because it’s your ethical obligation before you open your mouth for a kiss to ensure that you have a healthy mouth. And many people do not. Which can spread disease, or just be downright not romantic.

Get yourself a healthy mouth by proper dental hygiene and good dentistry. But remember, your mouth is the upper end of a long internal chamber that includes your intestines…

So in order for you to have a sweet-tasting healthy mouth, you gotta have a healthy digestive system.

Meaning that you don’t want a bunch of putrid rotting junk food inside your tummy or elsewhere festering. That’s where bad breath comes from.

The kind that makes your lover, or hoped-for lover, turn away from you in disgust.  When the smell of decay rises up from inside you and shocks your kissing partner, that’s bad.

And while you’re perfecting the art of kissing, give up cigarette smoking. Kissing a cigarette smoker is like kissing an ashtray that has brown teeth.

Ah yes of course you want to learn kissing techniques. There are books, videos, movies, classes on kissing. It’s not what you see in Hollywood films. Not two people locking their jaws and almost choking each other.

There’s an art of the kiss that you want to master ahead of time. The romance of kissing is about sensitivity. Lips control. Tongue etiquette. Knowing when to come up for air. Not slobbering. Avoid drawing blood. Be not a vampire, friend.

Little things like that. How about not kissing if you have a cold sore, or herpes in your mouth. About 35% of the adult population has something like that. It’s contagious, so don’t spread it.

When you kiss you gotta show some respect, and use body language, eye contact and empathy. Don’t be greedy, feedy, or needy. Recognize that deep kissing means you’re trusting your kiss partner’s bacteria, breath and fluids. You ready for that? Is your kissing companion ready? Be sure. Look before you leap.

But hey, now you’ve got the inside story on kissing. It’s a serious act of romance and could even be considered a form of sex. It depends on where you kiss, what body parts you kiss…you know the score.

Clean, great breath, healthy digestive tract, paying attention to rhythm, nuance and heart rate. Have some respect. Know when to engage the flick of the tongue, the caress of the facial labia.

Now go have the romance of the kiss. Take a deep breath, and smooch. Is it sex, or just oral play. You’ll find out when you learn the art of the kiss.

You don’t have to be crazy to do the art of kissing, but some people are kiss crazy…

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