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Am I Normal?

  • Written by  Mens Health
Am I normal? Questions that You Might Have! Am I normal? Questions that You Might Have!

Am I Normal? I wonder sometimes if someone in the world is doing the exact same thing i am doing.

I prefer solo sex to the partner kind. Sick, or sane? Dennis B., San Francisco, CA Neither.
Solo sex is about fantasy and release; sex with a committed partner is about bonding and connection. Which do you want?

Am I Normal?
Is it bad that I seem to be attracted only to married women? Tony T., Arlington, VA
Not bad, but weird. You may be commitment phobic--wanting something you can't have. Married women may appear safer. They're usually not looking for long-term commitments, but just a deviation from routine--unless, of course, her husband finds you in bed with her and shoots your naked bottom.

Am I Normal?
I got turned on when my teenage daughter's friends were running around in their pajamas during a sleepover. Should I have myself locked away? Mike C., Upper Darby, PA
Young, fertile teenage girls can be very appealing. It's innate . . . and dangerous. When those feelings are aroused, go for a walk, do the dishes, get out of the house. One of the worst things your daughter can experience is your sexual interest in one of her friends. Think about the look on her face when she catches you staring at her friend's developing chest. She'll feel dirty every time she talks to you for the next 6 months.

Am I Normal?
I think about having sex with my boss. On her desk. But I don't even really like her. What gives? Martin S., Birmingham, AL
You may be having an issue with a woman in power. Your fantasy suggests that you want to show her who's boss. And if you use sex to dominate, you have other problems. Big ones, in fact. Time for the shrink.

Am I Normal?
When I was in Vegas, I visited a cathouse. Does this make me a terrible husband? Vincent F., Phoenix, AZ
It may be a sign that trouble is brewing. Once you step outside of your marital bounds, it's easier to do it again. And again. What's your goal, ultimately? A little fun, or a lasting marriage? If you're looking for long-term bliss, get better control over your impulses.

Am I Normal?
I just got engaged . . . and I just had a one-night fling with a girl I work with. Is my marriage doomed? Lester J., Portsmouth, NH
It's a bad sign. Being faithful doesn't get easier once you're married. So decide: Is your fiancée the one, or not? If not, cut it off. A bad marriage can cost half your net worth and much of your time with your future kids. Maybe your workmate was doing you a favor.

Am I Normal?
I have measured my penis. Sick, or sane? Steve F., Brooklyn, NY
So who hasn't? We all want to know how we measure up. In fact, men practically come out of the womb competing for our place in the world. Just don't waste much time on it. There are other, more important measures of your manhood.

Am I Normal?
When I hear about a flasher or groper or peeping Tom, I'm almost sympathetic. If I had just a few more loose wires in my brain, that could be me. How warped is that? Sebastian K., Venice, CA
Actually, it's pretty normal. Most of us have twisted thoughts from time to time: flashing, sex with animals, voyeurism. But we don't act on these ideas, because that brain wiring is properly connected. When some men go through the early stages of dementia, they start acting badly. As their brains deteriorate, the lid comes off of the twisted thoughts. Avoid damaging your brain with drugs, alcohol, and headbanging, and the lid stays on.


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