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Swingers Clubs - Is There Really a Hotness Factor?

Do you have what it takes to satisfy two women? Do you have what it takes to satisfy two women?

You know you’re curious. Admit it - you’ve Googled to try and find information about swingers parties. Maybe you even found a few membership sites devoted to the lifestyle - and if you’re really naughty, maybe you’ve seen a few surreptitiously posted videos of parties in full… swing.

Disappointing, isn’t it? Swingers tend to be couples between the age of 45 and 60, and between the sags and wrinkles it’s hard to get enthused. Is the ‘hot and sexy swinging lifestyle’ just a myth?

Yes and no. The upscale swingers clubs are highly exclusive and cater to the younger crowd, so trying to get into one of them is more likely to result in access to other hot people than trying to find a local neighborhood swingers club. There are four clubs in the US that are generally considered to be the best places to meet hot young swingers.

  • Club Tabu: Located off the Baltimore Beltway in Catonsville Maryland, Tabu is open to couples and single females - but single guys can get a current member to sponsor them into the club. Most members are between the age of 25 and 40. It’s a BYOB club, with a large mixer area and a separate VIP area with private suites.
  • Miami Velvet. Located in Miami, this club is billed as the largest ‘premier playground’ for those seeking adult lifestyle fun. 20,000 square feet filled with couples and singles - average age, early to mid thirties. Again, single guys have to obtain a sponsorship, and are welcome on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights, so there’s always a high ratio of single women.
  • Colette. Located near the French Quarter in New Orleans, this club is open to single men and women as well as couples; with single guys paying a hefty premium to get in! Colette has an online lounge where you can ‘meet’ people and chat as well before taking the plunge.
  • Club Sesso. Located in Portland Oregon, Ron Jeremy’s famous club is the West Coast swingers’ mecca. It’s another primarily couples club, with single ladies and well mannered guys admitted on a limited basis. (Dudes, expect to pay triple fees and submit to inspection - no shower, no swing, if you know what I mean.)


Tips for attending a swingers club:

Most couple are there looking for a third for a ménage à trois (typically seeking a bisexual woman or in some cases a man). Others are looking for straight or bisexual couples to share partners with. Many of the single women attending are bisexual and looking for a ménage à trois experience. Roughly half of the single males are also bisexual looking for the same.

Where does that leave the single straight guy? Basically, you have a the following choices: hang out and hope you meet a hot straight female looking for a hookup; find a couple interested in a foursome and willing to consider two singles instead of another couple; or find a couple looking for a third where the man isn’t that interested but just wants to fulfill his woman’s fantasy. (The final option is being very open-minded and going with the flow.)

Single men are tolerated at swingers clubs provided they are polite, respectful, not drunk or obnoxious, and are hygienic. You can’t be too pushy with the single ladies, or most clubs will kick you out. Follow those guidelines, and you can gain access to the exclusive clubs where the really hot swingers hang out!

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