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UGGs and Men: Are You Ready to Embrace Warmth and Comfort?

Are men ready for the warmth and comfort of sheepskin boots? Are men ready for the warmth and comfort of sheepskin boots?

UGG boots are considered icons of luxury, comfort and style these days, but only when they are worn by women. When it comes to men, most of them are reluctant to adopt them. So, what's wrong with men wearing UGGs? The prime reason cited  for their non-acceptance is the 'feminine' looks of the boots. But, there are men out there who would defy the classification in an outright manner. Let's check out UGGs, and the reasons why they're loved by some men, and not by others.


UGG boots combine luxury and casualness -- the characteristics looked for by many. The brand's product range is extended to men's slippers, casual shoes, weather boots and also accessories.  The women's product range includes broad varieties of footwear, outerwear and accessories. For reasons perceivable to an extent, the women's products brand has eclipsed the men's brand with its phenomenal success. But, that's not what the boot makers intended to do.

UGGs were not designed for women as end users. The boots were first made with sheepskin by Australian surfer Brian Smith who went to United States in 1987 with a bag full of sheepskin boots, and sold them to Californian surfers. UGG Australia was then acquired by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, and was one of the finest footwear brands by 1998 that catered to the tastes of women and men alike. Now, the products of the brand have crossed the boundaries of California, and reached across the country -- be it on runways or on the streets of major cities like New York.

The reasons provided by the two sides who confront one another in the UGG wars are: UGG fans refer to three qualities of the boots - comfort, durability and warmth for loving them, whereas those who dislike the boots usually say that the qualities are not enough to justify the case. They claim that UGG boots are not just the most 'unmanly' boots on the block, but they also appear sloppy; they would rather choose stylish boot brands such as Timberland as better alternatives.

UGG Australia is to launch a new marketing initiative this year as a step to combat the mindset that prevents men from buying the boots. The company has announced its partnership with NFL superstar  Tom Brady of the New England Patriots to launch its first men's global marketing plan that begins with its 2011 fall collection. Hopefully, Tom Brady will able to convince men that UGGs are not just the perfect gifts for their girlfriends as they have taken them till now, but they are also the boots that all men shouldn't mind adopting.

The sheepskin footwear for both men and women comes with the brand's cleaning products to help make the most of the higher quality of sheepskin used in the product range. The boots are also advised to be worn barefoot to maximize the cushioning of sheepskin. If all that sounds perfect, we advise you to head to a shoe store to grab UGGs that normally cost between $ 140 to $250.

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Are men ready for a good thing that only women have enjoyed up until now?
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