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The Mantra of Eco-friendly Fashion

Aussiebum Banana underwear - a novel eco-friendly fashion statement for men Aussiebum Banana underwear - a novel eco-friendly fashion statement for men

So, we celebrated Earth Day for the 40th time! Some more of us chose to be labeled ‘eco-friendly’ individuals. And, why not? The earth is in greater danger than ever before, and going green is assuredly a step towards healthier lives. Here are some steps towards greener ways of living:

Eco Fabrics

Many fashion designers are adopting eco-fashions by using eco-friendly fabrics. Bamboo, Hemp and Cotton are favorite choices of many such designers. Some also choose to recycle plastic or other materials to make eco-friendly garments. Green fashion shows, green lifestyle magazines and green fashion blogs are the new trends in the line. Here’s a list of some eco ventures that are setting men's fashion trends:
Hemp Hoodlamb is making its eco-fashion statement in the fashion industry by using Hemp and other biodegradable materials. Their collections include jackets, shirts, pants, hoodies, sweaters and accessories. Designer John Patrick is also offering a totally organic collection titled John Patrick Organic.
Designer Christopher Anthony has come up with a line of organic underwear for men named Toasty Boys. Made of organic cotton, they are absolutely soft and comfortable. The designer is also offering a men’s collection titled Bamboo Boys for Spring and Summer. Get ready for the sexy, green look!
Babygod, a UK based company is presenting organic cotton briefs and t-shirts in its eco-collection. The collection is available online.
AussieBum has made the men’s specials using bananas! No pun here! The eco-friendly line of underwear is made using banana fiber, made from the bark weave of the plant. It also contains organic cotton and lycra.

Herb Magic

Herbs are known to be favorable for our bodies since ancient times. They were the natural healing agents when there were no medicines available. Various types of herbs such as basil, rosemary, aloe vera and sage can be grown organically. And, if you are a hydroponic grower who would prefer to grow them in a hydroponic garden, you win the game. They grow very well in a hydroponic gardening system.  Here's a list of some herbs and their benefits:
Basil: Basil is known to cure skin problems and cleanse blood.
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera treats wounds and burns, and heals skin. It helps to cure sunburn and allergic reactions.
Coriander: Coriander is a good source of Vitamin C. It is also good for skin disorders and eye care.
Sage: Sage cleanses pores. It works well for oily or spotty skin.
Rosemary: Rosemary has antibacterial qualities.
Mint: Mint refreshes and cools skin. It also fights bad odors.

Yearn for that Floral Beauty

Flowers are nature's beauty spots. A glance at an outdoor garden full of flowers is always a treat for eyes, but the flowering beauty withers during winter. You would often end up asking yourself - "Whither beauty?” An organic indoor hydroponic garden would serve you well for many reasons. You will be surprised to witness the growth of flowers during any season with the use of hydroponic farming method. They are added additions to your home's indoor beauty, especially during the winter season by providing contrasting views to the outdoors.
Isn't it great when you can send your special ones their favorite flowers any time of the year? A hydroponic gardening system makes this possible. It’s even more special, if they are organic.
All set to celebrate Earth Day every day, and in every way!?

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