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Designer jeans – Bring out the real man in you Designer jeans – Bring out the real man in you

Ask any man out there about his long-time affair with jeans, and he won’t deny it. Dominating the hotlist of men’s wear since more than a century, jeans are his favorites while riding a horse, attending meetings, going to a club, or even on casual outings. Whether it's workers, gold miners, cowboys, Hollywood actors and top models – jeans have been a part of everyone’s life, and their history could not get more astounding.

Getting to know the genealogy:

It all started with Levi Strauss in California in 1850s. Jacob Davis was to join him later, and get a patent for riveted jeans in 1873. By the 1880s, jeans were popular all over America. Designers across the world have now their own style of jeans – whether it’s “Destructed Jeans” by Polo or the “Iconic Straight Jeans” by Levi’s.

Jeans have always been customized to fit styling preferences, and there is always a style that’s going to give you the best look ever for every occasion. Boot cut, stretch, cargo, skinny, baggy, loose or heavy with embroidery are just a few among the many styles of jeans available.

Jeans are hot and real. Levi’s antique jeans are said to cost around a whopping $60,000. Escada’s Swarovski crystal-encrusted jeans are said to cost $10,000 and Gucci's are $4,000. APO jeans could cost from $1,000 to $4,000 with silver and gold buttons and rivets. It wouldn't surprise me, if there were designer jeans with gemstones embedded all over them!

Jeans wear:

Designer JeansDesigner JeansJeans are suited to be worn for all occasions. But, choose wisely what you wear. The style, color and fit of your jeans suggest a lot about your personality. Imagine donning a pair of tattered jeans to a business dinner! Slim-fit jeans are suited for casual as well as formal occasions. The wash of your denim also needs to be chosen carefully. Dark wash will work everywhere, whereas stone-washed jeans are a perfect fit for sporting events.

It’s also vital to match your shoes with the type of jeans you wear. Going for a casual look? Sneakers are a better fit. Some shoe manufacturers would like you to match your denims with sneakers of different colors and textures. But, there are some men out there who go for nothing but boots. No arguments there. Boots go perfectly well with jeans, especially cowboy boots. But, keep your style signature varied. Opt for dressy or cutting-edge boots rather than the ones that seem more like work boots.



Jeans care:

Jeans can be a lifelong investment. If cared for properly, they would last longer; there are pairs of jeans that last a lifetime. The techniques to shrink jeans in the past have been out of the ordinary. Youths are said to wear jeans and jump into the ocean or to arrange shrink parties in bath tubs!

Let’s get real here. If you are to wash your new pair of jeans, wash it alone, and inside and out. This will help you to retain its original color. It is also advisable not to put jeans in a dryer. It is said that older and unwashed jeans look better. But, you certainly wish to retain your friends, so keep your jeans clean. Deep blue denims, pre-faded jeans and embroidered jeans will last longer if you dry clean them. You should also avoid ironing jeans or using bleach. Always pay attention to what the care label on your denim says; it would have symbols which suggest what to avoid.

Did you know?

Jeans are always hot, and  loyalJeans are always hot, and loyal- Versace has named its cologne as ‘Black Jeans’ and its women’s fragrance as ‘Baby Rose Jeans’.

- Levi's has introduced snowboard-related jeans that were worn by team USA during the 2010 Winter Olympics games.

- Levi's trademark is registered in more than 160 countries.

- You can buy customized jeans for yourself online by choosing color, fit, pockets, leg style, etc.

- Every American owns seven pairs of wearable jeans on average.

Nothing could have dominated the clothing industry as well as jeans. Denims exude simplicity and sex appeal. To Giorgio Armani, jeans represent democracy in fashion. Yves Saint Laurent once said, "I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." How about you? Are you a fan of jeans?

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