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Christian Dior Fahrenheit: An anthem to devouring passion

  • Written by  Athanikar
Christian Dior Fahrenheit: smouldering, fiery, unique and sharp fragrance for the bold and powerful man Christian Dior Fahrenheit: smouldering, fiery, unique and sharp fragrance for the bold and powerful man

Christian Dior, one of the leading luxury fashion brands of the world, exemplifies glamour, elegance, opulence and prestige. The house of Dior released its first perfume in 1947 and enjoys the same success in perfumery as it does in fashion. Monsieur Dior believed that perfume was the finishing touch to great attire. The Fahrenheit fragrance line for men stays true to every brand promise from Christian Dior. The revolutionary, ultra modern Fahrenheit fragrance for men was launched in 1988 and has been on the top selling list ever since. Fahrenheit is a salute to passion and extreme, devouring fire. If you love freedom and moving towards unexplored and hostile but attractive paths gives you an adrenaline rush, then Fahrenheit is the fragrance for you. You’ll love this fragrance as much as you love tackling dangerous pursuits.

After spraying Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette on your pulse points, you’ll be welcomed by top notes of mandarin – a fruity citrus note that makes you yearn for exotic travel. The initial fruity fragrance leads to the surprising botanical heart notes of green violet leaves and a very mild but extremely sensual floral note. As the fragrance settles on your skin, base notes of masculine tanned leather and burnt, smoky notes of Storax, Cade and Birch woods reveal fantasy and a desire to explore the unknown.

Fahrenheit is not too complex but it’s not for the faint hearted either – it has no cosy elements like vanilla or caramel. It’s an interesting, unique and sharp fragrance for the bold, courageous man. Since it is a sharp fragrance, over application can make things slightly unpleasant.

The complete Fahrenheit line includes eau de toilette, travel spray, shaving gel, after shave lotion and balm, shower gel, spray deodorant, soap and a couture inspired pouch. You can have a super long lasting effect if you layer the Fahrenheit fragrance using most toiletries from the Fahrenheit line. Not that Fahrenheit will wear off easily. On the contrary, the fragrance stays on you for at least 8 hours. The projection is great as well. But layering your fragrance is a smart way to avoid the problem of over application or adulteration by the scent of other products. You don’t want to repel your date with an olfactory chaos!

2009 saw a new fiery interpretation of Fahrenheit by Dior christened Fahrenheit Intense. It retains the original aura of Fahrenheit and adds fiery, sensual, rich and powerful elements. The interplay of resins like the sweet, slightly woody myrrh and incense and the warm, rare and musky oud wood reveals ultra-masculinity and indisputable power.

The packaging, true to the name Fahrenheit, looks like pure fire trapped in a bottle; smouldering and waiting to be unleashed on the man brave enough to explore the wilderness and scale amazing heights. So if there’s a fire raging in you to escape and conquer the unknown, grab the Fahrenheit range from Dior to accompany you on the journey!

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