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Top 10 Rolex Watches Christmas Shopping Factoids

Open your hydroponics lifestyle presents and find a Rolex watch Open your hydroponics lifestyle presents and find a Rolex watch


It’s Christmas shopping time and your hydroponics year has been a great one! Massive harvests of tasty hydroponics flowers have put plenty of hydroponics lifestyle cashola into your pockets and your thoughts turn to Christmas gifts for you and those you love. Here are the top 10 facts about Rolex watches for you to know during your Christmas shopping season:

Rolex watches hold their value, so they’re an investment. Unlike hydroponics bulbs and other equipment that deteriorate in value and performance, Rolex watches go up in value. You can often sell a Rolex years later...for more than you paid for it.

Rolex watches show people you’re the bomb. Yes it’s true. If you can afford an authentic Rolex, you’re a successful hydroponics grower who knows how to put the green where it counts.

Rolex watches are known to be superior in workmanship. Among the few watches that are all hand-made with materials and parts manufactured by the brand itself, rather than outsourced.

Rolex watches are jealously controlled by the parent company. You can only be sure of getting an authentic Rolex via Rolex watch authorized dealers.

Buy Rolex watches only from authorized dealers because Rolex counterfeits and Rolex fakes are everywhere online and also in some retail stores. People are flat out telling fibs online with their websites saying "online Rolex dealer." Rolex authorizes NO online dealers.

If you buy a "pre-owned" Rolex watch, or a new Rolex from an unauthorized seller, you might be getting a Rolex counterfeit or fake. Even if it’s a real Rolex, it might have unauthorized parts on it. Rolex will not honor your warranty if you buy from an unauthorized seller.

Rolex watches have been to the moon, deep in the ocean and to the top of the highest mountains on earth.

Rolex watches are used as timing devices by grandmaster hydroponics growers who harvest major tonnage of fine hydroponics material every year!

Rolex watches are pretty much immortal and can handle conditions that most other watches can’t.

Rolex makes awesome luxury dress watches in its Cellini line of Rolex watches. These watches are works of art, rivaled only by $50,000 watches such as those made by Patek Philippe.

Rolex has been in the watches business for 100 years and has crafted a deserved reputation for ultimate precision, durability and resale value.

Rolex's original founder, Hans Wilsdorf, set up a philanthropic foundation that gives a large percentage of Rolex profits to worthy causes, including the arts, poverty relief, scholarships and other civic causes. When you buy Rolex, you're actually helping the world!

Precision mechanical art…that’s Rolex

Rolex authorized dealers may tell you that Rolex sets a manufacturer’s retail price that can’t be altered by the dealer, but it can. And you can call Rolex in New York to find out the MSRP for Rolex watches you’re interested in. Definitely try to get the best price from the dealer. Rolex allows them to set prices under or over the suggested. It's up to you to get them to go wayyyy under.

Ooops, that’s 12 top ten Rolex watches reasons instead of 10 Top Ten reasons, but hey…it’s Christmas shopping time and I feel generous. Celebrate your hydroponics lifestyle indoor garden success by getting a Rolex watch. James Bond has worn them, they’ve gone to the moon, and now you can put a Rolex on your wrist, or on the wrist of that special someone.

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