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5 Rush Limbaugh & Sarah Palin Myths Killing Our Environment

Sarah Palin loves guns and hunting, but not the earth. Sarah Palin loves guns and hunting, but not the earth.

I did what most people don’t have the stomach to do: I researched what Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh say about environmentalism, environmentalists and the environment. It was a sad endeavor, but somebody had to do it. And I’m glad I did, because I discovered that Limbaugh, Palin and the many others who share their views have a unified set of myths in their head. Myths are beliefs and opinions that cannot be scientifically proven. They often serve to reinforce cultural codes or a person’s desires. When you look at the myths Limbaugh and Palin believe about the environment, you see how destructive they are…


Myth Number One: Humans aren’t powerful enough to affect the climate or do other serious damage to the earth. Limbaugh compares humans to asteroids, ice ages or volcanoes, asserting that because we don’t have the same power as they do, that we are incapable of harming the planet. Apparently Limbaugh doesn’t know about nuclear weapons: our current world nuclear arsenal is enough to blow the crust off of most of the earth and kill tens of millions of people in a few seconds. And afterwards, a planetary veil of radiation would finish the rest of us off. And that’s just one way humans are powerful. When it comes to power, we’re it. Ironically, Limbaugh and Palin believe this myth, while at the same time believing another myth: the one that says technology will solve all our problems.

Myth Number Two: Humans are the best and brightest organism on the planet, and this gives us the “right” to do whatever we want. Might makes right…that’s the religion of Limbaugh and Palin. We are an amazing species, no doubt. But what about whales, dolphins, lions, tigers, butterflies, your hydroponics plants. You notice that all living organisms have their own unique, intrinsic value. Is it right for us to kill all the other amazing life we share this planet with?

Myth Number Three: God gave us this planet and everything on it and told us to do whatever we want with it. This myth is based on the myth that says an invisible being named God told us to dominate the entire planet. Proving or disproving the existence of an invisible being is impossible. But even if we proved that the Bible or some other religious book was the “word of God,” we still need to carefully examine what the book says about humans’ relationship to the rest of the world. Many scholars, and an increasing number of “evangelical environmentalists,” say the Bible asks humans to be caretakers and stewards, to show compassion and be gentle, to have mercy on the planet and other forms of life. Doesn’t sound like Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh type of people, does it?

Myth Number Four: We have to kill other life in order to survive, therefore killing is good, war is good, hunting is good and we should embrace those activities wholeheartedly. Palin is famous for endorsing the shooting of native animals from helicopters and airplanes and recently appeared on a TLC television show in which she killed an animal for fun and the cameras. It is a biological fact that animals must consume living things just to survive. Necessity is one thing, but falling in love with killing is another. To see whether we should be in love with killing, stop by a cattle feed lot, factory farm or slaughterhouse, and listen to the animals as they’re beaten, gutted while alive, hung from hooks and otherwise tortured. Or stop by a war battlefield. Killing might be necessary, but it isn’t good. It’s hell.

Myth Number Five: Environmentalists are communists, hippies and tree-huggers who don’t like humans. Well, some environmentalists dislike humans because humans kill the earth that environmentalists love. But most “environmentalists” love humans and the biosphere, which is why they want us to live on a healthy, beautiful planet instead of a dead one. This myth is tied to the Limbaugh-Palin assertion that rampant capitalism and lust for money is always good. Look closely though, and you’ll see that capitalism has the ideology of a cancer cell: it keeps growing and growing until it has killed its host. It’s based on infinite consumption of finite resources and dumping mega-waste into land, water, seas and air that we all share. It’s time for a more “sustainable” future, but don’t try to get Limbaugh and Palin to see that.

Palin lovers wait for Jesus


People who worship Rush Limbaugh and Sarah “Drill, Baby, Drill” Palin might be nice people, good neighbors, good with a gun, or even good in bed. But when it comes to whether they understand science, ethics and kindness as relates to the earth and the creatures we share it with, these folks are definitely on the cruel and vicious side. Rest assured that Limbaugh and Palin will continue their verbal war against environmentalism and those of us who care about the quality of life for humans and the planet. The rest of us will plant trees and hydroponics plants, and do other work to make a more peaceful world.

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