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Obama, Romney, the Supreme Court, Obamacare & Health Care Reform: Bad Medicine for Americans

Many docs look at the one x-ray that really counts for them! Many docs look at the one x-ray that really counts for them!

When President Barack Obama pushed through a “health care reform” law (known as the Affordable Care Act or ACA) in 2010, it had some good and some bad to it. The Supreme Court has now ruled that the ACA is constitutional.

However, this ruling, and the ACA itself, does not mean Americans have better health or health care...

The good part of what has come to be known as Obamacare is that it attempted to force health insurance companies to play fair with customers who needed major medical care or who had pre-existing medical conditions, and it allowed young people to stay on their parent’s policy longer.

Can Obama, Romney or the Supreme Court hurt or help our health?

The main obvious bad deal in Obamacare is it requires people not covered by employer health insurance to buy their own private health insurance, which can cost you thousands of dollars a year!

This is a little bit similar to laws requiring you have automobile insurance if you drive on the highways.

One thing for sure-- it financially benefits health insurance companies by creating tens of millions of government-mandated new customers.

If people refuse to buy private health insurance, the government penalizes them.

In effect, it’s the government telling you that you have to buy a product from a private, for-profit company, and acting as an enforcer and punisher if you don’t buy that product.

Not only do I resent the government telling me what product to buy (like I have the money to buy health insurance, NOT) I resent the way doctors treat me.

I've had some great doctors, but too many of the doctors I’ve been to are pimps for pharmaceutical companies, and they really don’t care about me at all.

They only care about whether making sure that I pay my bill up front, before they help me, and in many cases they don’t help me at all, they actually hurt me.

The arguments in favor of forcing people to buy a product like health insurance are that if people don’t have health insurance and they get sick or hurt, they go to the emergency room and they’re not turned away, so they end up getting care and not being able to pay for it, and then all the rest of us pay for it because the hospitals raise their rates to make up for the losses they incur with uninsured people.

It’s kind of like forcing motorcycle riders to wear helmets. It’s their freedom to not wear a helmet, versus the fact that if their brains get smashed in an accident and they’re uninsured (as is often the case), the rest of us pick up the tens of thousands of dollars per injury that it costs to fix them, maintain them in a coma, or the often vain attempts to stop them from dying.

Obama made health care reform a centerpiece of his first term in office, and Obama’s opponents made it a centerpiece of their crazy accusation that Obama is a “socialist.”

Get real-- if Obama really was a “socialist,” he would have stood firm on a “single-payer” system like they have in Canada and most other civilized countries, so when you go to a doctor, the government is there in the process from start to finish and there’s no hassles with health insurance companies, screwed-up billing, etc.

Instead Obama quickly discarded any talk of single-payer. Secret documents recently discovered by the media indicates Obama was paying a lot more attention to what Big Pharma pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and health insurance companies wanted when he negotiated with Congress on Obamacare, than he was on what was best for the American people.

Congress is of course totally bribed off by Big Pharma, the medical establishment, and the health insurance companies.

The GOP and its boy Romney are publicly pro-corporate and bribed off, so it’s funny to hear them complain about how corrupt Obama is, when both political parties are whores for “big money” donations.

The sick fact is Obama’s law benefits corporations a lot more than it benefits Americans.

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he favored a state health care reform package that was so like Obamacare that it’s now called Romneycare.

But of course now that Mitt’s running for president carrying the GOP “we hate Obamacare” banner, he has viciously repudiated the Obama health care law, even the many parts of it that are pretty much exactly the same as what Romney did in Massachusetts.

What I think is most pathetic about Obama’s health care law, and all the blah blah blah talk about health care reform in general, is that they leave out so many things that really would make us healthier, so we didn’t need to rely so much on doctors, hospitals, pills, surgery, and health insurance companies.

If I could make a health care law, I’d follow the principle of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

I’d have mandated that America clean its air, water, land, workplaces, industries, and buildings so people don’t get asthma, cancer and other illness from the crap that we individuals and the corporations spew into the environment.

Secondly, I’d make America like Holland: totally bike-safe and bike-friendly. Add to that, outdoor recreation-friendly, with beautiful parks, playgrounds, gyms, rivers, lakes and other fitness facilities available free for young and old alike.

How about more than minimum wage pay for people who work in our national parks?

Third, I’d require health care insurance companies reimburse “alternative medicine” such as Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture, Rolfing, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and other techniques that are clinically proven to assist health without relying on pharmaceuticals and surgery.

I’d also create tax incentives and other rewards for people who give up cigarettes, booze, junk food, pesticides, herbicides, large cars, and obesity.

Make it financially profitable for people to exercise and get fit, while creating financial penalties for junk food manufacturers, GMO corporations and all the other folks making obscene profits by harming us and our environment.

Give tax breaks for people who grow their own organic food hydroponically and outdoors.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the government stopped handing out hundreds of millions of our dollars in farm subsidies and tax breaks to killer Monsanto and other industrial agriculture GMOs giants, and instead helped organic family farms and home growers?

It’s a fact that if President Obama had pushed these initiatives instead of a law that forces people to buy private insurance, he’d have helped America be far healthier.

The Supreme Court was said to have made a "liberal" decision when it affirmed Obamacare. I guess liberal means pro-corporation and pro-federal government power. Because the way the court argues that the law is constitutional is by saying Congress has the right to tax you if you do not buy a product from a private company.

This is exactly what Obamacare does: it mandates that you buy private insurance, and if you do not, the government hits you with a tax penalty.

The simple fact is that America won’t be truly healthy until we tackle the systemically dirty and unhealthy country we’ve built…a place where you struggle against air and water pollution, traffic, bad food, stressful jobs, and lousy infrastructure. Where climate change heat is incinerating crops and keeping people indoors.

A country in which a majority of your fellow citizens couldn’t run five miles or work a physical labor job outdoors in the sun if their lives depended on it. Where many of them are on pharmaceuticals for avoidable lifestyle-caused diseases such as obesity, diabetes, emphysema and heart disease.

If Obama or Romney wanted true health care reform, they’d reform the way we trash our land and people, and they'd make health, fitness and a clean, beautiful environment a centerpiece of their political and economic plans.

Until then, we’re likely to see more sickness soon.

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