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Romney & the Supreme Court Say “Corporations are People”… So Let’s Put Them in Jail or Execute Them When They Break the Law!

  • Written by  Nigel Salazar
Mitt Romney says corporations are people. Mitt Romney says corporations are people.


As the 2012 presidential election season heats up, Romney attacks Obama and vice-versa, while corporations and the super-wealthy spend unlimited amounts of political money that corrupts the political process.

The Supreme Court just ruled that their infamous “Citizens United” case—in which the Supremes said corporations have free speech rights just like real humans do—is absolutely not to be challenged, even by states that disagree.

WTF is really going on with the Supreme Court bending over to corporations and how they run our government and lives?

Take a moment to imagine that an individual or group of individuals conspired in a series of actions causing a massive explosion that kills people and destroys a large portion of an ocean.

If a corporation really is a person, what kind of person is it?

We’d call them terrorists.

They’d be ruthlessly hunted, and if caught, as in the case of Osama bin Laden, they’d be executed on the spot without benefit of trial.

Many people believe that oil company BP, and its business partners in the Deepwater Horizon disaster, were involved in a deliberate criminal conspiracy that killed people and the environment.

It’s logical to allege that they committed “terrorism” against the Gulf of Mexico and the people on that oil platform that blew up.

And yet, other than the recent arrest of a low-level BP engineer and a fine, BP’s executives, and the corporation itself, are untouched.

If You’re a Corporate “Person,” You Get Away With Murder

In fact, the BP CEO who lied about the size of the BP oil spill resigned from the company and was given nearly $20 million as he left town.

This is nothing new. Crimes that bin Laden or you and I would get put to death for are no big deal for corporate executives.

For example, the former head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Don Blankenship, ran a West Virginia mine that exploded in 2010, killing many miners.  

If Blankenship had been a movie actor playing the role of an evil corporate criminal, he couldn’t have done better than he did in real life.

He refused to cooperate with investigators. He blamed miners and government regulators for the mine disaster. He showed absolutely no remorse for the disaster.

Blankenship resigned and walked away from his mining company with millions of dollars in compensation, while a few lower-level company employees were busted for the profit-driven safety violations that led to the explosion and deaths.

Slaves On the Corporate Plantation

There are tens of thousands of corporations; we depend on them to sell us the necessities of life, along with the toys and excesses that are more about implanted wants than actual survival needs.

If corporations didn’t provide our fuels, food, medical supplies, technology, and entertainment, many of us would literally die.

Those of us who did survive would likely be living much simpler, less polluting and more strenuous lifestyles.

So let’s be candid and admit that generic hating of all corporations is somewhat hypocritical and simplistic...

Like an Occupy Wall Street protester screaming anti-corporate rants while filming OWS protests on a corporation-made phone, transmitting video over corporation-made tech networks, sleeping in a Gore-Tex tent made by a corporation, wearing clothes made by a corporation.

Some corporations offer helpful goods and services, and are ethical members of the society. On the other hand, consider this…

* Big Pharma corporations make defective pharmaceuticals that kill people. They cover up test results showing the dangers of their products. They obstruct investigations. And yet those corporations stay in business.

* Wall Street, banking and real estate corporations gamed the financial system to ruin the housing and financial markets, but instead of being punished, they were given billions of taxpayer bailout dollars while their CEOs continued to collect fat bonuses.

* Telecommunications companies broke the law by giving the government access to our confidential communications, identity and location, but Congress retroactively gave them immunity from prosecution.

* Fossil fuel corporations destroy oceans, shorelines, rivers, underground water supplies and the atmosphere with unsafe, ill-advised drilling, transportation and refining practices. Their products, when used as directed, put poison into the air we breathe.

* Dow-Union Carbide, in its Bhopal, India poison cloud disaster, killed tens of thousands of people (and Dow still refuses to fairly compensate the victims).

* Defense contractors  push for wars so they have a bigger market for their death machinery.

* Monsanto and other Big Ag biotech companies push GMOs and poisons that harm our families and environment.

For sure, you see that some of the most powerful corporations are not “moral beings.”

They’re just economic entities interested in one thing and one thing only: profits. They do bad things that would land a regular person in jail, but they get away with it time after time. And they cash in big time.

Corporate Money Doesn’t Just Talk…It Screams!

Why are some corporations acting like criminals? Money: their chartered reason for existence is to make as much profit as possible so they can transfer those profits to their CEOs and shareholders.

This is a big problem in our political process, and for the safety of our society in general, because way back in the 1800’s the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) started making rulings saying that corporations are “people.”

Pretty crazy, considering that the original U.S. Constitution indicated that blacks and women were NOT people. Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison “owned” slaves.

The foundation of slave ownership was that slaves were property, not human beings, more like a piece of farm equipment.

How can you “own” real people, view them as not really qualifying as “people,” while at the same time the Supreme Court says corporations ARE people?

Well, as Bob Dylan said: Money doesn’t talk, it screams!

And over the decades, SCOTUS has made many pro-corporate rulings, culminating in its infamous 2010 “Citizens United” ruling that says corporations are people who have the right to free speech, just like real people do.

With “free speech” previously SCOTUS-defined as the ability to spend unlimited money in political campaigns, we see corporations, with their billions of dollars in profits, now loudly out-speak us real people.

Corporations and the super-wealthy out-lobby and out-bribe too, giving tens of millions of dollars to political parities and politicians through clandestine methods such as SUPER-PACS.

To put it bluntly, corporations own our government and they corrupt our elections.

Congress and state legislators debate whether to allow natural gas corporations to use and pollute millions of gallons of water while injecting secret concoctions of toxic fracking chemicals deep underground, whether to regulate GMOs, pesticides and herbicides that make our food supply toxic, whether to raise our taxes or raise taxes on corporations.

These politicians have a personal financial interest in doing what corporations want, instead of what’s best for us.

They allow corporations to poison us. They refuse to raise corporate taxes. The lawmakers and the law enforcers refuse to treat corporations like they’d treat real people.

When you get right down to it, for the most important issues facing America—issues like food safety, clean air, clean water, good schools, banking regulation, foreclosure relief, consumer protection, health care, individual liberty—the power of corporate personhood works against our country, and trashes our children’s future.

If Corporations are People, They’re Insane People

What can be done to stop the Supreme Court from giving more of America to corporations.

I’d advise that we require the president, members of SCOTUS and Congress, corporate executives, and members of the corporate mainstream media to watch and understand an amazingly accurate documentary called “The Corporation.”

This startling, bold documentary is based on an intriguing premise: what if a corporation was an actual flesh and blood person, and we analyze corporate behavior as if a real person was doing it.

If a human person kills people, ruins the environment, bribes politicians, corrupts the political process, defrauds people-- a human person would be arrested, put in jail, put on trial, fined, imprisoned, even put to death.

But you can’t arrest, lethally inject, or electric chair a killer corporation.

That was the point made by Stephen Colbert’s hilarious advertisement that calls Mitt Romney a serial killer.

Colbert’s comic reasoning is based on Romney explicitly saying corporations are people.

Funny thing is, Mitt Romney used to be a vulture capitalist who took over corporations, fired workers, raided corporate assets, and then put the corporations (remember, corporations are people) out of business...thus “killing” the corporations. So he was killing “people,” right?

Watch The Corporation, and get others to watch it.

And realize that we the people can successfully resist the pro-corporate Supreme Court, the bought-off politicians, and their powerful masters…the inhuman corporate “people” who rule our world like kings.

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